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PCB Board manufacturer
PCB Board manufacturer

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your visiting our manufacture site. Here we’re going to talk about how to specify a PCB board?

Since the manufacture of printed circuit boards is a complex fabrication activities, a PCB user generally needs to present all of the primary manufacturing data in a complete and unambiguous way that the PCB manufacturer can quote and produce the boards without error.

A checklist is listed as follows to help you quickly master the basic specifications of a PCB board. Some parameters not necessary for a particular job can be deleted so that the specification form only reflects the relevant data.

(1)Company name

(2)Part number

(3)Lot size and annual requirements

(4)Layer count

(5)Board size

(6)Board thickness

(7)Board shape


(9)Board build-up

(10)Boards with controlled impedance

(11)T est coupon

(12) Machining (Contouring)

(13) Laminate type and UL flammability

(14) Warp & Twist

(15) Outer layers

(16) Inner layers

(17) Solderability preservation

(18) Solder masks

(19) Notation / silkscreen

(20) Peelable solder mask

(21) Carbon printing

(22) Plated through holes (PTHs)

(23) Non-PTHs

(24) Milled Holes (Slots)

(25) Blind via holes

(26) Buried via holes

(27) Board tooling holes

(28) Panel tooling holes

(29) Board mounting

(30) Edge connectors

(31) Soldering conditions

(32) Markings

(33) Electrical test

(34) Automatic optical inspection

(35) Minimum pattern conditions

(36) Quality conditions

PCB Panel

PCB panel

To get a basic parameters of a board, the 7 points have to be taken into consideration:

(1)Laminate type (base material)

(2)Layer count

(3)Board size

(4)Board thickness

(5)Copper weight

(6)The color of solder mask and silkscreen

(7)Surface finish

Thanks for your reading.

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IPv6 network supported


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