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2024 Will Return to the Growth Track CCL ITEQ Optimistic About the Future Market of Vehicles

  • August 17, 2023

2024 Will Return to the Growth Track CCL ITEQ Optimistic About the Future Market of Vehicles


ITEQ, a leading manufacturer of copper foil substrates (CCL), is making strides in the high-end automotive electronics sector as the demand for electric bikes and self-driving cars continues to grow. The company is positioning itself for success in this sector and remains optimistic about its operational performance.


In the first half of 2023, ITEQ expects a slow recovery in consumer electronics demand due to destocking. Additionally, the transition period between new and old platforms for servers poses operational challenges. However,ITEQ anticipates that its high-end automotive electronics business will remain resilient, with double-digit revenue growth and a revenue proportion exceeding 20% in 2023.


ITEQ is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing penetration rate of electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars. The company expects a surge in production volume for HDI boards and high-speed materials used in autonomous driving systems, EVs, and Vehicle Computing-related applications in the coming years. This growth in the automotive business is expected to contribute to an increase in gross profit margin.



Furthermore,ITEQ has successfully passed certification for materials used in multiple AI GPU servers, aligning with the increasing demand for high-end high-speed computation materials in data centers. With major cloud service providers accelerating their AI-related capital expenditures, there is a growing need for circuit boards with more layers and high-speed materials. This sustained demand is expected to support the long-term upgrading of the server industry.


While the revenue recovery in the third quarter may be limited due to the delayed ramp-up of the Intel Eagle Stream platform,ITEQ is confident in its long-term growth plans. The company is committed to developing next-generation HDI/SLP materials and has partnered with leading Japanese material manufacturers to meet the future demand of the IC carrier board market.


ITEQ expects to regain its growth trajectory in 2024 and remains optimistic about the future demand for high-end electronic materials. The company is prepared to adapt to changes in the global supply chain and has plans to expand its production facilities in China and Thailand. With its focus on innovation and meeting customer needs, Unimicron is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the high-end electronics industry.


As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation,BICHENG is proud to announce its newly shipped product, the 20mil RO4350B material PCB. This advanced PCB material is designed for high-performance applications and offers a lead-free process and operation in a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃. With a 2-layer rigid PCB stackup, the RO4350B Hydrocarbon Ceramic Laminates PCB provides excellent performance and reliability.

 20mil RO4350B Hydrocarbon Ceramic Laminates PCB


The construction details of the 20mil RO4350B Hydrocarbon Ceramic Laminates PCB include a board dimension of 122mm x 74mm with a finished board thickness of 0.83mm. The PCB features a minimum trace/space of 7/9 mils and a minimum hole size of 0.3mm. It has a finished copper weight of 1 oz (1.4 mils) on all layers and a via plating thickness of 1 mil. The surface finish is Immersion Silver, and there is no silkscreen on the solder pads.


With 74 components and a total of 109 pads, the 20mil Rogers RO4350B PCB offers excellent connectivity and performance. It is suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors.


For more information about the RO4350B Hydrocarbon Ceramic Laminates PCB and other high-end electronic materials, please contact Jane at is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the high-end electronics industry.

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