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RF PCB Printed Board
RF PCB Printed Board
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High-Quality PCB Material That Meets Your Needs

  • December 02, 2022
High-Quality PCB Material That Meets Your Needs

PBC specs and costs for printed circuit board prototyping and production vary depending on the PCB materials used. There are 1 or 2 layer boards that just need one pre-preg "core" and multiple layer boards that are constructed using two or more core types. Depending on the intended purpose and the needed thickness, pre-preg, a material comprised of thin layers of fiberglass "pre-impregnated" with a bonding agent or metal core in a sheet shape, comes in a variety of sizes. Your board's thickness can range from a few mils for flex boards to a quarter inch for hefty burn-in boards. Core materials resemble slim double-sided boards with dielectric materials such as fiberglass along with a copper foil placed on each side; these usually come in predefined thicknesses.

PCB Prototype using FR4
A glass fiber epoxy laminate is the most popular family of substrates for printed circuit boards, or FR4. The most common material is FR4, but higher numbers (such FR4-06 and FR4-08) have lower dielectric constants and greater temperature coefficients. As you advance through the family, the temperature rises, with FR4 having a beginning Tg of 140 degrees Celsius and FR4-06 having a Tg of 170 degrees.

PCB Prototype using Metal Core
Metal Core is well-liked in printed circuit boards for light-emitting diodes because it is excellent at removing heat. A single layer MCPBC consists of a copper circuit layer, IC components, a solder mask, an aluminum and non-conduction layer, and a copper circuit layer. To assure the safety of the LEDs, the metal core works as an incredible heat sink.

PCB Prototype Using Polyimide for Flexibility
Polyimide is more durable than FR4 and can withstand higher temperatures, which makes it perfect for use in electrical insulation applications that adhere to class H standards. The polyimide is made up of a silicone adhesive structure and a thermoresistant polyimide layer. Edge connectors, gold edge fingers used in wave soldering, and reflow soldering methods used in PCB assembly are all safeguarded by it. The hue of polyimide is another intriguing characteristic. The majority of boards are produced in green, but polyimide is easily distinguished by its brown hue.

PCB Prototype Using Teflon for High Frequency
Base: PTFE/Woven glass Because Teflon is softer than FR4, PCB materials need special drilling. The idea that certain materials are exotic is no longer associated with them. A material that is readily available and has a track record of performance, PTFE/woven glass base materials enable both the rapid expansion of application operations and the fulfillment of high-frequency demands.

PCB Prototype Using Arlon for Longer Life at Higher Temperatures
For the PCB fabrication of high performance and frequency-dependent printed circuit manufacturing, use Arlon materials. Applications with large lifespan temperatures and lead-free soldering are two examples of common applications that are susceptible to high processing temperatures. Examples include the instruments found in aviation engines, downhole drilling, burn in boards, under-the-hood vehicle controls, and industrial sensors.

Using Isola Range for PCB prototype
Isola range, a high performance FR-4 epoxy laminate and pre-preg system, is used in advanced circuitry applications. Isola is the perfect material for broadband circuit designs that call for higher signal speeds and/or greater signal integrity thanks to its low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor. The primary materials used for ROHS compliance boards are IS410 and 370HR from Isola, which is also the top producer of lead-free materials.

Bichengpcb specialize in high frequency PCB over 18 years with stable and strict quality gurantee and reasonable price, which based on following material, but not limit to:
Rogers RO4350B, RO4003C, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3210 etc.
Rogers RT/duroid 5880, RT/duroid 5870, RT/duroid 6002, RT/duroid 6010,
PTFE F4B DK2.2, DK2.65 etc..
Taconic TLX-8, TLY-5, RF-35TC, TLF-35 etc.
Arlon AD450, AD600 etc.
RO4350B and RO4003C are the most used and best-selling HF PCB because their advantage on price and market acceptability.

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