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PCB Board manufacturer
PCB Board manufacturer

Quality Assurance

Throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, all processes are controlled to strict quality standards and quality management systems based on our ISO 9000 procedures. Our quality systems are subject to frequent and stringent internal audits, customer audits and third party audits as part of the company approval to quality standards

Engineering design prevents problems from occurring in pre production.
Products and Manufacturing are certified by authorized organizations.
100% tests inclusive of electrical test and AOI inspection, high voltage test, impedance control test, micro-section, solder-ability test, thermal stress test, reliability test, insulation resistance test and ionic contamination test etc.

 Quality Policy

Plant has developed series of management procedures and approaches to assure that PCBs are in compliance with the customers' requirements, inclusive of selection of the vendors, work in progress (WIP) inspection, outgoing delivery inspection and customer service etc.

IMG_259 Evaluation and Audit of Suppliers
Suppliers have to be evaluated by plant. In addition, plant will appraise and rank suppliers every year to guarantee the materials supplied are meeting plant’s requirements. Furthermore, plant continuously develops suppliers and supervises them to improve their quality and environment management basing on the systems of ISO9001 & ISO14001.

IMG_260 Contract Evaluation
Plant shall review and verify customer's requirements to make sure that we have the capability to satisfy customers' requirements including specifications, delivery and other demands prior to accepting an order.


IMG_262 Making, audit and control of manufacturing data
When customers' design data and specifications are provided to our market department, plant has to verify all the requirements. Then, convert the design data into manufacturing data by CAM. Finally, a manufacturing instruction (MI) is generated according to plant's real manufacturing process and technologies for manufacturing department as the basis for actual fabrication. MI must be reviewed by independent engineers and QA engineers before issue.

IMG_263 Incoming Material Quality Control
All materials have to be inspected before warehousing. Plant established a series of strict inspection procedure and instruction to control the incoming materials. Furthermore, Plant owns various precise inspecting instruments and apparatus to guarantee the capability to judge the material good or not. We issue material with first in first out principle, and give out “alarm” for the material that will reach the shelf life to ensure the materials are used up before expiry.

peeling strength tester

Peeling strength Tester

IMG_265 Control of Production Process
Right manufacturing instruction (MI), comprehensive equipment management and maintenance and process control, strict WIP inspection and monitoring as well as working instruction, all those make the whole fabrication process totally controlled.

IMG_266 Final Control and Inspection
All PCBs have to be gone through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the specified physical tests. We own various advanced test equipment including customized, probe flying test machines to guarantee that each PCB is 100% tested.

heavy copper tester

Heavy Copper Tester

IMG_268 Product Delivery Audit
We set up a dedicated FQA department to inspect the PCB products according to the customer's specifications and requirements by sampling. Qualified PCBs are going to be packed.

FQA also has to carry out a 100% audit of the warehouse packing and shipping products, including product number, customer number, product quantity, shipping address and so on prior to shipment.

IMG_269 Customer Service
We sets up a professional customer service team to proactively communicate with customers and timely deal with the customers' feedback. We highly focus on customers' needs and to understand customers’ demands, timely to adjust the policy of customer service and PCB product requirements.

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