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RF PCB Printed Board
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Home Industry News RO4003C Rogers 12mil High Frequency PCB-​PCB Industry Experiences Rapid Growth in High-Frequency Applications Demand

RO4003C Rogers 12mil High Frequency PCB-​PCB Industry Experiences Rapid Growth in High-Frequency Applications Demand

  • September 06, 2023

RO4003C Rogers 12mil High Frequency PCB-PCB Industry Experiences Rapid Growth in High-Frequency Applications Demand 


With the continuous advancement of technology, the demand for high-frequency applications has rapidly expanded across various industries. This unprecedented growth presents significant opportunities for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry. High-frequency applications have become crucial technological requirements in fields such as communication, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more, driving the rapid rise of the PCB industry.


Meeting the demands of high-frequency applications requires PCB design, manufacturing, and performance to meet higher standards. Consequently, many PCB suppliers and technology providers have introduced solutions tailored for high-frequency applications.In order to change this situation, BICHENG also provide a new shipped 12mil Rogers RO4003C PCB Material for High-Frequency Applications.

12mil Rogers RO4003C PCB Material


Here is our new shipped 12mil RO4003C PCB detailed information:

Material Advancements:

Rogers RO4003C stands out as a highly regarded Rogers PCB material for high-frequency applications. It utilizes woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic material, offering excellent signal integrity and low loss coefficients. With a dielectric constant of 3.38 at 10 GHz/23°C and a loss factor of just 0.0027, it effectively reduces signal attenuation. Additionally, RO4003C exhibits exceptional high-temperature resistance, ensuring stable operation across a wide temperature range.


Rogers RO4003C PCB 12mil Material for High-Frequency Applications:

Experience superior performance with our hydrocarbon ceramic woven glass material

Processed with DK 3.38 at 10 GHz/23°C, ensuring optimal signal integrity

Low dissipation factor of 0.0027 at 10 GHz/23°C for minimal signal loss

Withstands high temperatures, boasting a Tg >280°C and Td >425°C

Suitable for operation in a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃


Boost Your RF Design with our12mil RO4003C2-layer Rigid PCB Stackup

Utilizes Rogers 4003C substrate with a thickness of 0.305mm

Copper layer thickness of 35μm on both the top and bottom layers

Achieve precise trace and space requirements with a minimum of 4/4 mils

Accommodates 0.25mm minimum hole size for various component needs

Finished board thickness of 0.43mm for compact and lightweight designs


Unveiling the Construction Details of our High-Quality PCB

Board dimensions of 170.53mm x 180.35mm, offering flexibility for different applications

A total of 115 components and 217 pads for comprehensive functionality

Includes 112 through-hole pads and 105 top SMT pads for versatile component placement

Vias totaling 168 for efficient signal routing and connection

Adheres to IPC-Class-2 standard to ensure reliable and consistent quality


Trustworthy Quality and Global Availability

Each board undergoes a 100% electrical test before shipment, ensuring reliability

Supplied with Gerber RS-274-X artwork for seamless manufacturing integration

Accepted standard of IPC-Class-2 guarantees high-quality production

Available for purchase worldwide, facilitating easy access for all customers

 high-frequency PCB


To meet the design requirements of high-frequency applications, manufacturers have introduced a 2-layer rigid PCB stack-up solution. By utilizing Rogers 4003C 12mil substrate and a 35μm copper layer thickness, this solution enables precise circuit layout and spatial requirements. Furthermore, the design accommodates minimum hole sizes of 0.25mm to meet various component needs. With a board thickness of 0.43mm, it achieves compact and lightweight designs.


In addition to material and design innovations, manufacturers also prioritize the quality and reliability of PCBs. Adopting IPC-Class-2 standards ensures high-quality production processes and consistency. Each PCB undergoes 100% electrical testing before shipping to ensure reliability.


The rapid growth of high-frequency applications has garnered attention from the global PCB industry. Whether it's communication equipment manufacturers or satellite technology companies, they can easily access high-frequency PCB products that meet their specific needs.



The PCB industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven by the escalating demand for high-frequency applications. From wireless communication and radar systems to satellite communications, the introduction of high-frequency PCB products will further propel the industry's development. With continuous technological advancements, we can expect the PCB industry to bring more innovation and breakthroughs in the field of high-frequency applications, providing robust support for the growth of various industries.


For any technical inquiries or further information, please reach out to Jane at We are here to support your PCB needs and deliver exceptional performance for your high-frequency applications.


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