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RO4360G2 PCB 20mil: Empowering the Growing Demand in the PCB Industry

  • April 17, 2024

RO4360G2 PCB 20mil: Empowering the Growing Demand in the PCB Industry


As the backbone of electronic products, PCBs play a pivotal role in various consumer electronics, such as computers and mobile phones. With the surge in digital economy, 6G technology, and artificial intelligence applications, the industry anticipates a significant boom in PCB demand.


The Importance of PCBs in the Electronics Industry

PCBs serve as crucial components for establishing electrical connections within electronic circuits. The vast array of downstream applications includes communication systems, computers, and automotive electronics, which collectively account for over 70% of PCB consumption. In fact, every aspect of information generation, processing, transmission, and application heavily relies on PCBs.


According to industry insiders, the order visibility for PCB and IC substrate production equipment has been extended to 2024. Founder Securities highlights that the continuous growth of capital expenditures in global data centers has intensified the demand for PCBs. The rapid advancement of technology has led to the constant upgrading of traditional server PCBs, while the increasing deployment of artificial intelligence servers has propelled the demand for high-value single-machine PCBs. It is projected that the server PCB market size will reach an impressive US$16 billion by 2026.


Market Growth and Future Prospects

The research report by East Asia Qianhai Securities suggests that the demand for PCBs in the communication sector will remain stable in the long term. Additionally, the data center and automotive fields are expected to witness high demand. Consequently, the global PCB market is projected to experience an average annual compound growth rate of 4.8% from 2023 to 2026. By 2026, the global PCB market's output value is estimated to reach a staggering US$101.5 billion.


Introducing RO4360G2 PCB 20mil

Bicheng Company proudly presents the RO4360G2 PCB 20mil, a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of the PCB industry. The RO4360G2 high frequency laminates are low loss, glass-reinforced, hydrocarbon ceramic-filled thermoset materials that offer an optimal balance of performance and processing capability. This groundbreaking innovation represents the first high dielectric constant (Dk) thermoset laminate that can be processed similarly to FR-4.


Key Features of RO4360G2:

Dielectric Constant: The RO4360G2 boasts a dielectric constant of 6.15+/- 0.15 at 10 GHz/23°C, ensuring excellent signal integrity and electrical performance.


Dissipation Factor: With a dissipation factor of 0.0038 at 10 GHz/23°C, this laminate minimizes energy loss and ensures efficient signal transmission.


High Thermal Conductivity: The RO4360G2 offers a high thermal conductivity of 0.75 W/mK, facilitating effective heat dissipation and thermal management.


Superior Dimensional Stability: It exhibits a low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion at 28 ppm/°C, ensuring reliability and stability in various environmental conditions.


Lead-Free Process Compatibility: The RO4360G2 laminates are lead-free process compatible and meet the 94V-0 flammability standard, making them environmentally friendly.

 Rogers RO4360G2 PCB


Advantages and Benefits

The Rogers RO4360G2 PCB 20mil offers numerous advantages and benefits that make it an ideal choice for various applications:


Design Flexibility: Its unique properties enable design flexibility, allowing engineers to create innovative and complex circuit layouts.


Plated Through-Hole Reliability: The RO4360G2 ensures robust plated through-hole connections, enhancing the overall reliability and longevity of the PCB.


Automated Assembly Compatibility: The laminate's compatibility with automated assembly processes streamlines manufacturing and improves production efficiency.


Environmentally Friendly: With lead-free process compatibility, the RO4360G2 promotes eco-friendly manufacturing practices, aligning with sustainable initiatives.


Efficient Supply Chain: Bicheng Company ensures a highly efficient supply chain and short lead times, making the RO4360G2 a cost-effective material option.


PCB Stackup and Construction Details

The 2-layer RO4360G2 PCB 20mil is a rigid PCB constructed as follows:


Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

Rogers RO4360G2 Substrate: 20mil (0.508mm)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

Additional specifications include a board dimension of 68.35mm x 41.4mm, minimum trace/space of 4/6 mils, and a finished board thickness of 0.6mm. The surface finish is immersion gold, and the solder mask is green onboth the top and bottom sides. The PCB undergoes a 100% electrical test prior to shipment to ensure its quality and reliability. Moreover, the via plating thickness is 20 μm, and the board meets the IPC-Class-2 standard.


Typical Applications 

The RO4360G2 PCB 20mil finds application in various industries. Some typical applications include:


Base Station Power Amplifiers: The high-performance characteristics of the RO4360G2 make it suitable for base station power amplifiers, where reliability and signal integrity are crucial.


Small Cell Transceivers: The compact size and excellent electrical properties of the RO4360G2 make it an ideal choice for small cell transceivers, enabling efficient wireless communication.


Availability and Global Reach

Bicheng Company is proud to offer the RO4360G2 PCB 20mil to customers worldwide. With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Bicheng ensures that the product is readily available and accessible to meet the growing demands of the global PCB market.


As the PCB industry continues to expand, Bicheng Company remains at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions like the RO4360G2 PCB 20mil. With its exceptional performance characteristics, design flexibility, and compatibility with automated assembly processes, the RO4360G2 empowers engineers and manufacturers to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry.


About Bicheng Company

Bicheng Company is a renowned provider of high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) and related solutions. With a commitment to excellence, Bicheng offers a wide range of PCB products and services that cater to diverse industry requirements. By leveraging advanced technologies and a customer-centric approach, Bicheng Company strives to deliver innovative solutions that drive success for its clients.


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