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What About Teflon Radar Apply in PCB?

  • September 08, 2022

What about Teflon Radar apply in PCB?

Rogers RO3003+Shengyi S1000-2 to produce 77GHz Millimeter wave radar PCB in batches.

S1000-2M PCB

RO3003 high frequency PCB material

Rogers RO3003 high-frequency PCB , ceramic-filled PTFE(Teflon) laminates are an extension of Rogers's 'industry leading RO3003 solutions. RO3003 laminates are based on industry feedback to specially address the next generation needs for mm-wave automotive radar applications.

RO3003 laminate's combination of optimized resin and filler content provides a lower insertion loss, ideal for use in ADAS systems like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and active brake or lane change assist.

RO3003 PCB 10mil

Advantage 1: high range resolution and ranging accuracy

Compared with the ISM band with only 200MHz bandwidth in 24GHz band, the SRR band in 77GHz band can provide up to 4GHz scanning bandwidth, significantly improving the range resolution and accuracy. Among them, range resolution represents the ability of radar sensor to separate two adjacent objects, and range accuracy represents the accuracy of measuring a single target.

Because the range resolution and accuracy are inversely proportional to the scanning bandwidth, the performance of 77GHz radar sensor is better than that of 24GHz radar, which is 20 times higher than that of 24GHz radar. In fact, the range resolution of 77GHz radar is 4cm (the resolution of 24GHz radar is 75cm).

High range resolution can better separate objects (such as people standing near cars) and provide dense points to detect objects, so as to improve the environment modeling and object classification, which is very important for the development of advanced driving assistance algorithm and automatic driving function.

In addition, the higher the resolution, the smaller the minimum distance of sensor recognition. Therefore, 77-81ghz radar has a significant advantage in applications requiring high accuracy, such as parking aid.

The 77GHz broadband has high resolution, which can be used for industrial level sensor, so that the sensor can "measure to the last drop" of liquid level - to minimize the dead zone at the bottom of the water tank, as shown in the figure. Moreover, because the high resolution can improve the minimum measurement distance, when the water tank is full, the sensor can measure the liquid level at the top of the water tank.

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