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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

RO3035 PCB 30mil: Unleashing High-Frequency Performance for Advanced Applications

  • March 13. 2024

RO3035 PCB 30mil: Unleashing High-Frequency Performance for Advanced Applications


RO3035 PCB, part of the renowned RO3000 series by Rogers, is a ceramic-filled, PTFE-based high-frequency circuit material designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications. With its exceptional dielectric properties, thermal stability, and reliability, RO3035 is a go-to choice for 5G, millimeter wave sub 6GHz, and massive MiMo applications. This blog post delves into the features, benefits, stackup, construction details, statistics, and typical applications of RO3035 30mil PCB, highlighting its ability to deliver high-frequency performance, improved reliability, and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Features: Unleashing High-Frequency Potential:

1.Rogers RO3035 ceramic-filled PTFE composites form the foundation of this high-frequency laminate, ensuring exceptional performance in demanding applications.

2.A dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.5+/- 0.05 at 10 GHz/23°C enables efficient signal transmission and reduced signal loss, making RO3035 ideal for high-frequency designs.

3.With a dissipation factor of 0.0015 at 10 GHz/23°C, RO3035 minimizes energy loss and maintains signal integrity.

4.RO3035 exhibits a high thermal decomposition temperature (Td> 500°C), ensuring excellent thermal stability even under extreme operating conditions.

5.The laminate possesses a thermal conductivity of 0.5 W/mK, facilitating efficient heat dissipation and enhancing overall reliability.

6.Moisture absorption of only 0.04% makes RO3035 highly resistant to moisture-related issues, ensuring consistent performance over time.

7.The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of RO3035 (-55 to 288 °C) matches that of copper, minimizing the risk of delamination and ensuring excellent dimensional stability.

RO3035 PCB

Benefits: Empowering Advanced Applications:

1.RO3035 PCB enables applications operating up to 30-40 GHz, making it suitable for high-frequency designs in various industries.

2.Its lower operating temperature and increased reliability make it an excellent choice for power amplifiers, where stability and performance are crucial.

3.The uniform mechanical properties of RO3035 across a range of dielectric constants make it ideal for multi-layer board designs, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

4.RO3035's low in-plane expansion coefficient, which matches that of copper, enables more reliable surface-mounted assemblies and makes it suitable for applications sensitive to temperature changes.

5.The laminate's excellent dimensional stability ensures that critical components maintain their precise positions, even in challenging environments.

6.RO3035's volume manufacturing process contributes to its economical pricing, delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising performance or quality.

PCB Stackup and Construction Details: Precision and Reliability:

The RO3035 high frequency PCB features a 2-layer rigid stackup with the following construction details:

Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

RO3035 Substrate: 30mil (0.762mm)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

Additional construction details:

Board dimensions:231.94mm x 135.65mm

Minimum Trace/Space:5/4 mils, allowing for high-density circuit designs.

Minimum Hole Size:0.3mm, facilitating precise component placement and assembly.

No Blind Vias:Simplified fabrication process without the need for blind vias.

Finished Board Thickness:0.8mm, ensuring compactness and compatibility with space-constrained applications.

Finished Cu Weight:1 oz (1.4 mils) outer layers, providing sufficient conductivity for reliable circuit performance.

Via Plating Thickness:20 μm, ensuring robust electrical connections.

Surface Finish: Immersion Gold, offering excellent solderability, corrosion resistance, and a flat, planar surface for component assembly.

Top Solder Mask:Green, providing insulation and protection for the copper traces.

Bottom Solder Mask:No bottom solder mask, allowing for easy access and rework if required.

100% Electrical Test:Each RO3035 PCB undergoes a rigorous 100% electrical test prior to shipment, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

RO3035 PCB 30mil

PCB Statistics: Performance at a Glance

The RO3035 30mil substrate PCB exhibits the following statistics:

Components:Supports up to 36 components, allowing for versatile and complex circuit designs.

Total Pads:Provides 92 pads for component attachment.

Thru-Hole Pads: Offers 62 thru-hole pads for through-hole component placement.

Top SMT Pads:Includes 30 surface-mount technology (SMT) pads on the top side for SMT component attachment.

Bottom SMTPads:Does not include bottom SMT pads, offering a clean surface on the bottom side for other purposes.

Vias:Features 53 vias for electrical connections between different layers.

Nets:Supports 5 nets, enabling efficient routing and connectivity.

Type of Artwork and Accepted Standard: Industry Compatibility:

The Rogers 3035 PCB accepts Gerber RS-274-X artwork, which is a widely used industry standard for PCB fabrication. By adhering to the IPC-Class-2 standard, the RO3035 PCB meets the quality and performance requirements set forth by the industry, ensuring consistent and reliable functionality.

Availability and Typical Applications: Versatility and Performance :

The RO3035 printed circuit board is available worldwide, allowing engineers and designers from various industries to benefit from its exceptional performance and reliability. It finds applications in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

1.Automotive radar applications:

RO3035 enables high-frequency radar systems for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in automobiles.

2.Global positioning satellite antennas:

The PCB supports the development of efficient and reliable antennas for GPS systems.

3.Cellular telecommunications systems:

RO3035 is suitable for power amplifiers and antennas in cellular communication networks.

4.Patch antenna for wireless communications:

It enables the creation of compact and high-performance patch antennas for wireless connectivity.

5.Direct broadcast satellites:

The PCB facilitates the construction of reliable and high-frequency satellite communication systems.

6.Datalink on cable systems:

RO3035 PCB ensures signal integrity and reliability in cable-based data transmission systems.

7.Remote meter readers:

The PCB enables accurate and efficient remote reading of utility meters.

8.Power backplanes: 

RO3035 supports the design of power backplanes for high-frequency and high-power applications.

In conclusion, the Rogers RO3035 PCB with its exceptional dielectric properties, thermal stability, and reliability is a top choice for high-frequency applications. Its features, benefits, stackup, construction details, statistics, and typical applications demonstrate its ability to deliver superior performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With worldwide availability and compatibility with industry standards, the Rogers RO3035 30mil PCB empowers engineers and designers to push the boundaries of high-frequency technology and achieve remarkable results in a wide range of advanced electronic applications.

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