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 PCB Coating Board
 PCB Coating Board
  • RT/duroid 6006 High Frequency PCB
    RT/duroid 6006 High Frequency PCB

    RT/duroid 6006 high frequency PCBs are ceramic-PTFE composites which are designed for electronic and microwave circuit applications requiring a high dielectric constant.  RT/duroid 6006 PCB can provide us with high dielectric constant which is helpful to enable circuit size reduction. With low loss property, it is ideal for operating at X-band or below. Additionally, the tight Dk and thickness control deliver repeatable circuit performance. For RT/duroid 6006 PCBs, we can provide you with single layer board, double layer board, multi-layer board and hybrid types. RT/duroid 6006 PCBs have wide thickness. These are the standard thickness such as 10 mils, 25 mils, 50 mils and 75mils etc. Finished copper on PCB is 1oz and 2oz. Our maximum PCB size on RT/duroid 6006 laminate is 400mm by 500mm, it can be a single board in the sheet and also can be different designs in this panel.Solder mask of green, black, blue and yellow etc is available in house. There’s immersion gold, HASL, immersion silver, immersion tin, bare copper and OSP etc. for pads protection.We can also see their applications in aircraft collision avoidance systems, ground radar warning systems and satellite communications systems etc.

  • TLX-8 Microwave PCB
    TLX-8 Microwave PCB

    There is an episode about a type of high volume fiberglass reinforcedmicrowave PCB ----TLX-8 PCB, which offers reliability in a wide range of RF applications. TLX-8 PCBs are ideal for use in radar systems, mobile communications, microwave test equipment and microwave transmission devices. TLX-8 PCB has tightly controlled DK, there’s only ± 2% variation from -55 to 125 °C. It has a long space heritage and is able to experience severe environments such as radiation resistance in space. From this outgassing test report, we can seetotal mass loss (TML)of TLX-8 is 0.03%.Collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM)is zero and the amount ofwater vapor regained (WVR)is 0.01%. These values are very low, which get much higher result than the normal required value.

  • Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB
    Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB

    There is about a type of antenna grade high frequency PCB---RO4730G3 high frequency PCB. Rogers’ RO4730G3 high frequency materials are reliable antenna-grade laminates, fully compatible with conventional FR-4 and high temperature lead-free solder processing. They are an affordable low-cost alternative material to conventional PTFE-based antenna substrates, allowing for designers to optimize cost and performance. For RO4730G3 PCBs, we can provide you with single layer board, double layer board, multi-layer board and hybrid types.   RO4730G3 PCBs have low profile copper and ED copper with different thickness. LoPro copper has the thickness of 5.7mil, 10.7mil, 20.7mil, 30.7mil and 60.7mil etc. ED copper has the thickness of 20mil, 30mil, 50mil and 60mil etc. Finished copper on PCB, no matter LoPro or ED copper, can be 1oz and 2oz.  RO4730G3 PCB has the features of low insertion loss, light-weight 30% lighter than PTFE or fiber glass material.

  • Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB
    Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCB

    There is about an extension material of Rogers RO3000 series that has one distinguishing characteristic: enhanced mechanical stability. That is RO3210 high frequency PCB, which is the feature product today.  RO3210 high frequency circuit materials are ceramic-filled laminates reinforced with woven fiberglass. They are engineered to offer exceptional electrical performance and improved mechanical stability at competitive prices. RO3210 high frequency boards combine the surface smoothness of a non-woven PTFE circuit with the rigidity of a woven-glass PTFE board.The manufacturing process of RO3210 high frequency PCB is similar to standard PTFE circuit board processing techniques. 

  • Rogers TMM10 High Frequency PCB
    Rogers TMM10 High Frequency PCB

    Rogers TMM 10 PCB is a ceramic thermoset polymer composite designed for high PTH hole reliability on strip-line and micro-strip applications. It offers the benefits of both PTFE and ceramic based substrates, but is not limited by the same mechanical properties and production techniques.

  • DiClad 880 PCB: The Ideal Choice for Filter, Coupler, and Low Noise Amplifier Applications
    DiClad 880 PCB: The Ideal Choice for Filter, Coupler, and Low Noise Amplifier Applications

    There is an high-frequency PCBs built on DiClad 880 substrates. DiClad 880 laminates are PTFE-based composites that offer lower dielectric constant and dissipation factors, making them ideal for filter, coupler, and low noise amplifier applications. In this article, we will explore the properties of DiClad 880 in-depth, including its thermal and mechanical properties, adhesion to copper, and outgassing characteristics. We will also discuss the different layer counts, dielectric thicknesses, copper weights, surface finishes, and solder mask colors available for DiClad 880 PCBs, as well as its compatibility with traditional electroless copper and direct deposit metallization processes.  We will also touch on the various applications of DiClad 880 PCBs, including digital radio antennas, radar feed networks, commercial phased array networks, low loss base station antennas, and guidance systems. Whether you are looking for a highly stable and reliable material for your high-frequency applications or a versatile material that can accommodate different design requirements, DiClad 880 PCBs are an excellent choice.

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