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 PCB Coating Board
 PCB Coating Board
  • TLY5Z Material High Frequency PCB With Low Dissipation and Low Dielectric Constant
    TLY5Z Material High Frequency PCB With Low Dissipation and Low Dielectric Constant

    Are you in need of high frequency PCBs manufactured on lightweight substrates? Look no further! In today's video, we will be discussing TLY-5Z PCBs, a cutting-edge solution for your electronic needs. TLY-5Z laminates are advanced glass-filled PTFE composites reinforced with woven fiberglass, making them perfect for low density applications with low weight constraints, such as aerospace. These laminates offer a dimensionally stable composite that cannot be achieved with non-reinforced PTFEs, along with a low Z axis expansion that is unmatched by PTFE-rich composites. But that's not all, let's dive deeper into the data sheet to explore the impressive properties of TLY-5Z laminates. With a low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor of 2.2 and 0.0015 respectively at 10 GHz, these laminates ensure excellent signal integrity. They also boast high volume resistivity and surface resistivity, providing reliable and consistent performance. TLY-5Z stands out with its high dielectric breakdown voltage of 45 kV and impressive dielectric strength of 770 V/mil. Additionally, it offers a lower temperature coefficient of dielectric constant compared to conventional materials, allowing for exceptional stability across a wide temperature range. When it comes to thermal properties, TLY-5Z excels with its superior coefficient of thermal expansion, providing improved drilling and thermal cycling capabilities. It also showcases outstanding mechanical properties, including excellent peel strength and tensile strength in both directions. Furthermore, TLY-5Z demonstrates remarkable dimensional stability, moisture absorption rate, and specific heat value, making it an ideal choice for various applications. It even meets UL 94V-0 compatibility standards, ensuring safety and reliability. At our PCB manufacturing facility, we offer a wide range of TLY-5Z material high frequency PCB capabilities. Whether you need double layer boards, multi-layer boards, or hybrid designs, we've got you covered. We can provide custom-manufactured boards in various thicknesses and finished copper options. Our maximum PCB size on high frequency materials is an impressive 400mm by 500mm, allowing for versatile designs. With various solder mask options and surface pad plating choices, we can tailor your TLY-5Z Taconic RF PCBs to meet your specific requirements. So, why wait? Upgrade your electronic projects with TLY-5Z PCBs. From aerospace components to RF passive components, these boards are the perfect solution for high-performance and cost-effective applications. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Subscribe now and join us on this journey of innovation with TLY-5Z PCBs!

  • RO4830 High Frequency PCB - Perfect for Your High-Frequency Applications!
    RO4830 High Frequency PCB - Perfect for Your High-Frequency Applications!

    RO4830 High Frequency PCB - Perfect for Your High-Frequency Applications! Today, we're thrilled to showcase the revolutionary RO4830 High Frequency PCB - an ideal solution for high-frequency applications. Watch our video to explore the remarkable features, capabilities, and applications of this cutting-edge PCB technology. Are you in need of a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional PTFE based laminates? Enter Rogers' RO4830 high frequency laminates! Boasting a dielectric constant of 3.24, the RO4830 PCB is a top choice for high-frequency applications. It delivers an exceptional insertion loss of 2.2 dB/in at 77 GHz, ensuring seamless data transmission with unmatched accuracy. Equipped with a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating, these laminates prioritize safety without compromising on performance. The incorporation of reverse treated smooth LoPro® copper foil enhances signal quality and optimizes electrical efficiency. Our offerings extend beyond the ordinary, with options for single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, or hybrid PCB configurations. Choose from copper weight variants of 1oz or 2oz, and select dielectric thicknesses ranging from 5mil to 9.4mil. Personalize your PCB with custom dimensions and a range of vibrant solder mask colors. RO4830 PCBs are specially crafted for 76-81 GHz automotive radar sensors and antennas, ensuring peak performance in automotive radar applications. Experience the unparalleled performance and versatility of RO4830 High Frequency PCB for your next project. Reach out to us today to discover more and place your order. Thank you for tuning in, and stay tuned for more innovative updates!

  • RF-10 High Frequency PCB - Revolutionizing Your High-Tech Projects!
    RF-10 High Frequency PCB - Revolutionizing Your High-Tech Projects!

    RF-10 High Frequency PCB - Revolutionizing Your High-Tech Projects! Get ready to elevate your projects to new heights with RF-10 High Frequency PCB. Made from a unique blend of ceramic-filled PTFE and woven fiberglass, RF-10 laminates offer unrivaled advantages for high-frequency applications. With a high dielectric constant and low dissipation factor, RF-10 laminates set a new standard for performance. The addition of thin woven fiberglass reinforcement not only enhances rigidity but also reduces dielectric loss and improves dimensional stability for multilayer circuits. Boasting a dielectric constant of 10.2 ± 0.3 and a dissipation factor of 0.0025 at 10 GHz, RF-10 enables the miniaturization of RF circuits while maintaining minimal signal loss. The exceptional thermal conductivity of 0.85 W/M*K ensures efficient heat dissipation, guaranteeing optimal performance even in challenging thermal conditions. RF-10 PCBs excel in their adhesion to smooth copper surfaces, providing strong and reliable bonding for enhanced performance. With low coefficients of thermal expansion in all directions, plated through hole connections remain stable and reliable, enhancing the overall reliability of the PCB. From double-sided to multilayer PCBs, RF-10 offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to meet your project needs. Choose from various copper weight options, PCB thicknesses, and surface finish choices for a customized solution tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the future of high-frequency applications with RF-10 High Frequency PCB. Discover a world of possibilities in microstrip patch antennas, GPS antennas, aircraft collision avoidance systems, and satellite components. Take your projects to the next level with the innovative power of RF-10. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation - explore RF-10 High Frequency PCB today! Don't miss out on the latest updates. Subscribe now and stay ahead in the world of high-tech projects. Thank you for watching!

  •  TSM-DS3 High Frequency PCB
    TSM-DS3 High Frequency PCB

    TSM-DS3 High Frequency PCB Introducing our latest product, the TSM-DS3 High Frequency PCB! With exceptional low-loss properties and thermal stability, this industry-leading laminate is perfect for high-power applications where efficient heat dissipation is crucial. Featuring a ceramic-filled reinforced material with minimal fiberglass content, TSM-DS3 offers reliability and consistency in complex multilayer designs. Its low coefficients of thermal expansion make it ideal for demanding thermal cycling requirements. Our PCB capabilities include single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, and hybrid options, with customizable copper weight and dielectric thickness. With dimension sizes up to 400mm X 500mm and a variety of solder mask colors and surface finishes available, we can tailor our TSM-DS3 PCBs to suit your specific needs. From couplers to phased array antennas to oil drilling applications, TSM-DS3 PCBs are versatile and reliable for a wide range of industries. Trust in our expertise and quality craftsmanship for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about how TSM-DS3 can elevate your PCB designs!

  • CuClad 217 High Frequency PCB
    CuClad 217 High Frequency PCB

    Introducing the revolutionary CuClad 217 High Frequency PCB! Looking to elevate your PCB designs to a whole new level? Rogers CuClad 217 laminates offer a game-changing combination of woven fiberglass and precise PTFE control. With a low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, signal propagation has never been faster, delivering impeccable performance for all your high-frequency applications! But that's not all - our CuClad 217 PCB boasts low moisture absorption and exceptional dimensional stability, making it a reliable choice for diverse environmental conditions. From single-sided to multi-layer options, with various copper weights and dielectric thicknesses, we've got you covered for all your PCB needs! Join the league of radar, ECM, and ESM electronics innovators using the CuClad 217 PCB for unmatched results. Elevate your microwave components, such as LNAs, filters, and couplers, with this cutting-edge technology today! Experience the difference with CuClad 217 - where performance meets precision!  #PCB #CuClad217 #HighFrequency #Innovation Don't miss out - revolutionize your electronics today!

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