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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Rogers Kappa438 HF Circuit Board Material

  • April 13. 2022

It is my pleasure to introduce Kappa438 high frequency circuit board material. It is a thermosetting hf circuit board material designed for wireless design engineers who are looking for an alternative FR-4 material with better performance and reliability. The product is a glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic material that provides superior high-frequency performance, low processing cost, low loss, and can be machined using standard epoxy/glass (R-4) processes.

The Mappa438 high frequency circuit board material has ul 94V-0 group combustion grade and can be used in an aluminum-free process. It has a dielectric constant matching the FR-industry standard and can easily replace existing FR-4-based designs in designs requiring better electrical performance. Kappa438 high frequency circuit board is specially formulated with the dielectric constant DK, which is subconfigured with FR4 phase, allowing easy design replacement. Kappa438 high frequency circuit board release also features low loss, excellent DK tolerance control, and strict thickness control, which can meet the requirements of the high end FR4 materials commonly used in the wireless market. All the known, wireless data requirements of exponential growth, has brought the higher levels of mobile network capacity and performance requirements, has long been FR4 is many performance requirements of the first choice of radio frequency applications, but as the wireless transmission infrastructure changes, the performance requirements are also growing, especially in small WIFI base station and telecom level application, The rf performance and sensitivity of traditional FR4 have been difficult to meet the requirements.

Now, wireless circuit design engineer can get the real breakthrough by high frequency circuit plank Kappa438 coconut, because they have broken the traditional restrictions on FR4 performance, belong to the middle level circuit material, cost performance and stability, and argue Kapa438 high-frequency circuit board can use standard epoxy glass craft processing, compatible with general adhesive piece, Kappa438 high frequency circuit board material has ul-94v0 resistance rating and can be used with lead-free welding process.


Glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic series

Dk is compatible with the FR-4 industry standard

Tighter Dk and thickness tolerance control than FR-4

Low Z-axis CTE and high Tg

Flame retardant


Similar to FR-4, it is easy to machine and assemble

The design Dk with a value of 4.38 makes it easy to replace existing FR-4 based designs in designs requiring better electrical performance.

- to the circuit performance

Optimized for design flexibility, PTH reliability and automatic assembly compatibility

UL 94 V-0

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IPv6 network supported


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