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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What's PTFE PCB and Capability?

  • April 04. 2023

What's PTFE PCB and Capability?

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a type of synthetic polymer that is known for its high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties. PTFE is commonly used in the production of PCBs due to its excellent dielectric properties and low dielectric constant, which makes it an ideal choice for high-frequency applications.

At Bicheng PCB, we specialize in the production of PTFE PCBs using a range of materials and manufacturing processes. With our advanced DFM capabilities, we can help you create the perfect PTFE PCB for your application.

3oz Copper PTFE PCB

History of PTFE:
PTFE was first discovered in 1938 by a chemist named Roy J. Plunkett while working for DuPont. Plunkett accidentally discovered the material while attempting to create a new refrigerant. PTFE was eventually patented by DuPont in 1941 and was commercialized under the brand name Teflon in the 1940s.

Since its commercialization, PTFE has been used in a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, electrical, and medical industries.

Types of PTFE Materials:
There are several types of PTFE materials that can be used in the production of PCBs, including:

Standard PTFE: This is the most commonly used type of PTFE material for PCB production. Standard PTFE has a dielectric constant of around 2.1 and is known for its excellent electrical insulation properties.

Modified PTFE: Modified PTFE materials, such as the Rogers 5880 PCB and Rogers 6000 series, are designed to have a lower dielectric constant than standard PTFE. This makes them an ideal choice for high-frequency applications where signal loss is a concern.

Filled PTFE: Filled PTFE materials, such as the Rogers 4000 series, contain fillers such as glass or ceramic to improve their mechanical properties. This makes them more suitable for applications that require higher mechanical strength and rigidity.

15mil RT5880 PCB

Bicheng PCB's PTFE Capability:
At Bicheng PCB, we offer a range of PTFE PCB manufacturing capabilities, including:

Advanced material selection: We work with a range of PTFE materials, including standard PTFE, modified PTFE, and filled PTFE, to create PCBs that meet your specific requirements.

Multilayer PCBs: We specialize in multilayer PTFE PCBs, which are ideal for high-frequency applications. Our DFM capabilities ensure that your PCB is optimized for performance and manufacturability.

High-precision manufacturing: Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians enable us to produce PTFE PCBs with high precision and accuracy.

Processing Attention for PTFE PCB:
There are several processing attention points to consider when manufacturing PTFE PCBs, including:

Etching: PTFE materials are difficult to etch, and special care must be taken to ensure that the etching process is carried out correctly. Over-etching can result in a loss of circuitry, while under-etching can result in short circuits.

Drilling: PTFE materials are also difficult to drill due to their hardness. Special drilling techniques and tools must be used to avoid damage to the material.

Lamination: PTFE materials have a low surface energy, which can make it difficult to achieve proper adhesion during lamination. Special surface treatments and bonding processes must be used to ensure proper adhesion.

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is a key consideration in PTFE PCB manufacturing. At Bicheng PCB, we specialize in making PTFE PCBs that are optimized for manufacturability, ensuring that your boards are produced efficiently and with consistent quality.

Our DFM capabilities for PTFE PCBs include:
Advanced material selection: We offer a variety of PTFE materials, including standard materials like Teflon and advanced materials like Rogers RT/duroid, to meet your specific performance requirements.

Controlled impedance: With our advanced software and experienced engineers, we can let PTFE PCBs with precise controlled impedance, ensuring signal integrity and optimal performance.

Tight tolerances: We have the ability to manufacture PTFE PCBs with tight tolerances to ensure precise dimensions and reliable functionality.

Multilayer PCB making: PTFE PCBs are commonly used in high-frequency applications that require multilayer making ability. Our DFM capabilities ensure that your multilayer PTFE PCBs are made for optimal performance and manufacturability.

Advanced processing techniques: We use advanced processing techniques to ensure the highest quality PTFE PCBs. Our capabilities include CNC drilling, laser drilling, and plating techniques.

When it comes to PTFE PCB applications, they are commonly used in high-frequency circuits and high-speed circuits, such as aerospace and defense communication systems, satellite communications, microwave equipment, and medical equipment. PTFE PCBs offer excellent thermal stability, low dielectric loss, and high dielectric constant, making them ideal for these applications.

In summary, PTFE PCBs offer excellent performance in high-frequency and high-speed circuits, and our DFM capabilities at Bicheng PCB ensure that your boards are made for optimal performance and manufacturability. With our advanced software, experienced engineers, and advanced processing techniques, we can produce PTFE PCBs to the highest quality standards.

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