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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

TRF-45 PCB 32mil 0.813mm Taconic Board

  • October 10. 2023

TRF-45 PCB 32mil 0.813mm Taconic Board


The world of electronics is constantly evolving, demanding high-performance materials and components that can meet the ever-increasing requirements of advanced technologies. Enter the TRF-45 RF PCB, a newly shipped circuit board that promises to revolutionize your electronic designs. In this article, we will explore the remarkable properties and applications of this cutting-edge PCB, backed by comprehensive test data.

Material and Dielectric Properties:

At the heart of the TRF-45 PCB material lies a state-of-the-art material known as RF-45. This Glass Reinforced PTFE Ceramic Composite has been meticulously engineered to offer superior performance. With a Dielectric Constant (Dk) of 4.5 at 10GHz, it facilitates optimal signal transmission, minimizing losses and ensuring signal integrity. The low Dissipation Factor of 0.0035 at 10GHz further enhances its ability to maintain signal quality.It exhibits excellent dimensional stability with X-CTE and Y-CTE of 9 ppm/°C, and Z-CTE of 40 ppm/°C.

TRF-45 PCB 32mil Operates flawlessly within a temperature range of -40℃to +85℃, making it suitable for various applications.

TRF-45 32mil substrate PCB


Low Loss Properties: Minimizes signal loss and interference, ensuring optimal performance.

High Thermal Conductivity: Effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and ensuring the stability of your circuitry.

Stable Dk over Temperature: Guarantees consistent performance across different temperature conditions.

Stable Dk over Frequency: Maintains signal integrity even at high frequencies.

Very Low Z-axis CTE: Promotes reliable solder joint integrity and minimizes stress on components.


The TRF-45 PCB is a 2-layer rigid PCB. It consists of a copper layer with a thickness of 35 μm, by a Taconic Core TRF-45 with a thickness of 0.813 mm (32mil), and another copper layer with a thickness of 35 μm.

Construction Details:

The board dimensions of the TRF-45 32mil substrate PCB are 65.53mm x 45.33mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.15mm. The minimum trace/space is 6/8 mils, allowing for precise routing. The minimum hole size is 0.35mm, accommodating a wide range of component and via sizes. The finished board thickness is 0.9mm, providing a compact yet sturdy design. The outer layers have a copper weight of 1 oz (1.4 mils), ensuring sufficient conductivity. Via plating thickness is 20 μm, facilitating reliable connections. The surface finish is HASL lead-free, offering excellent solderability. The TRF-45 PCB does not include top or bottom silkscreen or solder mask.

Mechanical and Durability Characteristics:

The TRF-450.813mm PCB boasts impressive mechanical properties. Its Flexural Strength, tested both lengthwise and transversely, demonstrates exceptional values of 17000 lbs/in (177 N/mm2) and 15000 lbs/in (103 N/mm2), respectively. This makes it highly resistant to mechanical stress and bending, ensuring robustness in demanding environmental conditions.

Peel Strength is another key attribute of the TRF-45 PCB, with values exceeding 8 lbs/in (1.4 N/mm). This indicates superior adhesion and bonding strength, making it suitable for high-reliability applications where delamination must be avoided.

Thermal Performance:

Thermal management is a critical aspect of modern electronic designs, and the TRF-45 PCB excels in this area. With a Thermal Conductivity of 0.43 W/m/K, it enables efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity of sensitive components. The CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) values of 9 ppm/℃ in both the x and y directions provide excellent dimensional stability, reducing the risk of thermal stress and ensuring reliable operation.

Electrical Properties:

The TRF-45Taconic PCB offers exceptional electrical performance as well. Its Volume Resistivity of 8.0 x 107 Mohm/cm and Surface Resistivity of 3.0 x 107 Mohm showcase its ability to maintain electrical insulation and minimize leakage currents. This is crucial for applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

PCB Statistics:

The TRF-45 32mil substrate PCB has 29 components and a total of 70 pads. Among the pads, 47 are thru-hole pads, and 23 are top surface mount technology (SMT) pads. There are no bottom SMT pads. The PCB features 51 vias and 2 nets.

TRF-45 PCB Applications


The TRF-45 PCB's unique combination of properties makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its stable Dielectric Constant over temperature and frequency, along with low signal loss, make it particularly suitable for high-frequency and high-speed applications. Some typical applications include:

Satellite Radio: The TRF-45 high frequency PCB ensures reliable signal transmission in satellite communication systems, where uninterrupted and high-quality signals are essential.

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification systems benefit from the TRF-45 PCB's exceptional electrical properties, enabling reliable and efficient data transfer.


The TRF-45 PCB supplier sets a new standard in PCB technology, offering a remarkable blend of material, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. With its low-loss characteristics, high thermal conductivity, and stable performance across temperature and frequency, it is an excellent choice for demanding applications. Experience the future of PCB technology with the TRF-45 PCB and unlock new possibilities for your electronic designs.

For any technical inquiries or to explore the potential of the TRF-45 PCB further, please contact Jane at She will be delighted to assist you in harnessing the capabilities of this exceptional PCB material.

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