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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Ultra-wideband Antenna with Multilayer Dielectric Substrate

  • March 31. 2022

1. An uWB monopole antenna based on four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) is designed based on the method of resonance of multiple radiating patches in different frequency bands. The antenna is fed by microstrip and has two patches of different sizes on two different planes of the dielectric substrate.

In order to realize the miniaturization of the antenna, a multilayer uwb monopole antenna with the bandwidth of 3.3~10.7GHz is designed by the coupling effect of the bent branches located in two different planes of the dielectric substrate. The effective area of the antenna is only 10×9mm~2 on the dielectric substrate with the size of 25×22mm~2 Finally, based on the miniaturized multilayer uWB antenna, a miniaturized UWB MIMO antenna is designed by adding isolated branches. The antenna size is only 27×22×1.6mm~3.

2. Based on the idea of constructing a second-order stopband filter on a multilayer dielectric substrate to achieve notch, two multilayer uWB notch antennas are designed on a four-layer printed circuit board. The designed notch antennas not only have steep selectivity, but also do not affect the surface current distribution of the antenna. Based on the traditional first-order resonator, the proposed antenna uses the multi-plane structure of multi-layer dielectric substrate and introduces a resonator to form a second-order band stop filter to achieve high rectangular notch characteristics. Between the feeder and the floor to join the first antenna coupled resonator short circuit on the basis of introducing a quarter wavelength side implementation in porter, get 5 ~ 6.1 GHz frequency band and high degree of rectangular notch, the second paragraph of trap in the radiation patch antenna at the top of the open loop resonator on the basis of introducing the coupling of short-circuit side to achieve a high degree of rectangular notch, trap band is 4.9 ~ 6 gh Z.


Balanced antenna with independent design of ground plane is adopted

Reduced engineering resources and costs required to mitigate the radiation caused by PCB grounding

High radiation efficiency antenna

The total efficiency from 3.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz is 70%

Double-sided tape is attached to the antenna

It can be easily peeled and installed in the device chassis

The coaxial cable with tension over 18 N is connected to the center feed antenna

Make sure the antenna is firmly and reliably connected to the radio equipment

50 mm to 300 mm wide selection of micro coaxial cable lengths

Extended connections allow for maximum design flexibility


1. industrial application

Real time positioning system

The scanner

High speed data exchange

2. Consumer electronics (CE) applications

The camera

Internet access and multimedia services

Personal navigation equipment

Home networking and electronics

3. Medical application

Patient movement monitor

Drug storage monitor

Medical imaging system

Underwater, space or sports medicine surveillance

4. Automotive applications

Automatic target identification system

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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