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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What's Advantages of Rogers 6002 PCB?

  • September 21. 2022
What's Advantages of Rogers 6002 PCB?

Rogers' RT/duroid 6002 high frequency material is the preferred PTFE-based ceramic composites. It is a kind of low loss and low dielectric constant laminate, which can meet the strict requirements for mechanical reliability and electrical stability in complex microwave structural design.

The dielectric constant of RT/duroid 6002 has excellent resistance to temperature change between -55 ℃ and 150 ℃, which can meet the requirements of filter, oscillator and delay line for its electrical stability.

RT Duroid 6002 PCB

Let's look at the data sheet of RT/duroid 6002 material.

Rogers 6002 PCB Typical Value

RT/duroid 6002 laminates have dielectric constant of 2.94 +/- 0.04 and dissipation factor of .0012 at 10GHz. These values are very low in the high frequency materials. They are suited for use in complex microwave build-up, and low loss PCBs ensure excellent high frequency performance.

The next one is thermal coefficient of dielectric constant (TCDk). It is as low as 12 ppm/°C from 0°C to 100°C. Ideally, TCDk should be 0 ppm / ℃. In other words, Dk does not change with temperature. So, as a digital reference, a TCDk less than | 50 | ppm / ℃ or lower can be considered better. Generally, the low TCDk provides us with excellent dimensional stability and electrical stability needed in today's demanding applications.

The thermal conductivity at 0.6 W/m-k is also not bad for the heat dissipation.

The in-plane expansion coefficient (CTE,16 ppm/℃) matched to copper allows for more reliable surface mounted assemblies. The low Z axis CTE (24 ppm/℃) ensures excellent reliability of plated through-holes.

Advantages of Rogers 6002:

Rogers 6002 was designed to have better and more advantages. This laminate consists of polytetrafluoroethylene and ceramics. RT/duroid 6002 offers several solutions to the needs of designers.

Low loss: Low loss in Rogers 6002 ensures there is a great performance at high frequency. This also guarantees exceptional electrical and mechanical performances. It features a low-loss dielectric constant that meets most electrical needs.

Thickness tolerance: This laminate has controlled permittivity that ensures an excellent thickness tolerance. Its thickness tolerance makes Rogers 6002 better in some applications.

Outstanding mechanical and electrical performance: Duroid 6002 is known for its great mechanical and electrical performance. This laminate offers both mechanical and electrical balance when it is used in any application.

Low exhaust rate: The low exhaust rate makes it an ideal material for aviation use.  This laminate is an important material in the aviation industry. Rogers 6002 is a remarkable material in building aircraft.

Long-term reliability: Rogers 6002 offers long-term reliability, this benefit gives this laminate an edge over some laminates.  Antenna designers, spacecraft designers, and microwave designers consider reliability when choosing circuit board materials.

Low amount of outgassing: This laminate is a good material for space application because of its low levels of outgassing. This material releases low gas when it is exposed to vacuum or heat. Outgassing is a major concern for spacecraft designers that build electronics used in environments with high vacuum. Only high-quality laminates like RT/duroid are suitable for spacecraft applications.

RT/duroid 6002 PCB has tight thickness control with low out-gassing. It is very suited to the equipment of flat and non-planar structures, such as antennas, complex multi-layer PCBs with inner-layer connections, and microwave PCBs for aerospace designs in hostile environments.

Bicheng devote to supplying PCBs over 18 years with stable and strict quality gurantee, which service cellular base station antenna, satellite, high frequency passive components, microstrip line and band line circuit, millimeter wave equipment, radar system, digital radio frequency antenna and other fields wordwide. We are mainly providing high frequency PCBs which built on 3 high frequency material brands: Rogers Corporation, Taconic and Wangling. Dielectric constant ranges from 2.2 to 10.2 etc.

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