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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What's the RO3006 High Frequency PCB?

  • November 23. 2022

RO3006 High Frequency PCB

Rogers RO3006 printed circuit boards are ceramic-filled PTFE composites designed to offer exceptional electrical and mechanical stability at competitive price, intended for use in commercial microwave and RF applications

The Rogers RO3006 laminates are polytetrafluoroethylene composites filled with ceramic and created especially for industrial microwave and radio frequency applications. Excellent mechanical and electrical qualities in these high-frequency circuit materials give them stability and dependability.

A stable dielectric constant provided by RO3006 materials aids in eliminating Dk variation. Regardless of the Dk choice, these materials have stable mechanical characteristics. This helps designers to build multi-layer board designs that make use of various dielectric constant materials for single layers without experiencing reliability issues.


RO3006 has a dielectric constant of 6.15 +/-.15. The high dielectric constant enable designers to design the circuit board smaller. So we can miniaturize our circuit size using RO3006. The DK is stable over a wide range of temperatures, so this eliminates the step change in Dk that occurs for PTFE glass materials near room temperature.

The next issue would be the dissipation factor. It’s a very low loss, 0.002 dissipation factor when it’s tested in 10 GHz. And that’s very low loss which helps power amplifier for high gain.

The third one we need to mention is the thermal conductivity. RO3006 material is very good for thermal conductivity. It’s got a number of 0.79 W/m-K, that’s considered very high for thermal conductivity and that does really help thermal management issue for power amplifiers.

Lastly, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Ideally that should be at 17 ppm/℃because that’s the value of CTE of copper. As you can see the coefficient of thermal expansion of RO3006 on X and Y axis is 17 ppm/℃ which is matched to copper and Z-axis is as low as 24 ppm/℃. This allows for more reliable surface mounted assemblies, it’s ideal for applications sensitive to temperature change. That’s considered pretty good for the plated through holes reliability and excellent dimensional stability.


Benefits of Rogers RO3006:

Rogers RO3006 is considered a high-frequency ceramic-filled material used for high-performance applications. This material has reliable mechanical and electrical properties that meet the requirements of some specific designers. Some of the benefits of this material include:

Exceptional mechanical properties: This PTFE composite has great mechanical properties which make them well suited for designing high-reliability stripline and multilayer boards.

Low in-plane expansion coefficient: The low in-plane expansion coefficient of this material matches with copper, which makes it suitable for applications that are susceptible to changes in temperature.

Cost-effective option: Rogers RO3006 is sold at an affordable price compared to its counterparts. This is one of the major reasons it is a preferred option for most designers. This material offers great value for its price.

ISO 9001 certified: Rogers RO3006 meets the standard of ISO 9001. This international standard shows the ability of a company to consistently supply products that meet regulatory requirements.

We service cellular base station antenna, satellite, high frequency passive components, microstrip line and band line circuit, millimeter wave equipment, radar system, digital radio frequency antenna and other fields wordwide. We are mainly providing high frequency PCBs which built on 3 high frequency material brands: Rogers Corporation, Taconic and Wangling. Dielectric constant ranges from 2.2 to 10.2 etc.

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