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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What to Consider to Choose Rogers RO4533 PCB?

  • March 16. 2023

Rogers RO4533 is a ceramic-filled laminate with glass hydrocarbon-based reinforcement. These laminates are perfect for antenna designs since they have strong mechanical and electrical qualities. The 4500 series includes Rogers RO4533 laminates. This circuit material has many benefits, making it suitable for application across a broad frequency range.

Specially created for high-speed and high-performance applications is the Rogers RO4533 PCB. The demands of antenna designers are satisfied by these laminates. Some of its many advantages are the low dielectric properties and thickness tolerance.

Following is a 60mil Rogers Ro4533 PCB for reference.

60 mil RO4533 PCB

Rogers RO4533 properties:

Because to its excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, RO4533 laminates are helpful in a variety of applications. Following are some of these characteristics;

Low dielectric constant: The dielectric constant assesses a material's capacity to store energy in an electric field. At 10GHz and 23°C, Rogers RO4533 has a dielectric constant of 3.3. In the market for antennas, a low dielectric constant material is preferred. When subjected to strong electric fields, materials with low dielectric constants resist degradation.

Good Thermal Expansion Coefficient: In the X and Y axes, this material's thermal expansion coefficient is evaluated at 13 and 11 ppm/°C, respectively. A PCB material's CTE specifies how it expands in reaction to a temperature change. Because Rogers RO4533 has a low CTE, it can likely be used in any temperature range.

High thermal conductivity:The ability of a printed circuit board material to transfer heat is gauged by thermal conductivity. Rogers RO4533 has a thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/m/K. The need for laminates suitable for antennas is met by this thermal property.

Low rate of moisture absorption: Rogers RO4533 laminates extremely slowly absorb moisture. It absorbs moisture at a rate of 0.02%. A humid climate won't harm these laminates. PCB materials typically absorb less moisture than 0.2% at a time.

Dissipation factor: The Rogers 4533 has a dissipation value of 0.0025 at 10GHz and 23°C. This metric displays the rate of energy loss brought on by a material's inborn characteristics. Due to their low dissipation factor, these laminates have an effective insulator system.

Rogers Ro4533 is a product with exceptional dimensional stability, whose dimensional stability is less than 0.2mm/m. This demonstrates that this material's size is unaffected by exposure to high temperatures.

Rogers 4533's advantages:
The electrical and thermo-mechanical properties required by antenna designers are provided by Rogers RO4533 laminates. For users, these laminates have many advantages.

An affordable choice : A practical choice for antenna designers is the Rogers RO4533. With it, designers can maximize the performance of their antennas, making it a superior substitute for PTFE antenna technologies.

The best choice for antenna designers is Boards that are RoHS-compliant. The fact that Rogers RO4533 conforms with RoHS requirements indicates that it meets the organization's standards.

The lead-free and halogen-free nature of this laminate makes it environmentally friendly. Environmental safety is ensured by its flame-retardant properties.

Thermoset resin system: The resin system of Rogers Ro4533 laminates are fabricated to offer the properties suitable for ideal antenna performance.

Rogers RO4533 Applications:
Rogers RO4533 laminates offer stable and reliable electrical and mechanical properties ideal for use in applications such as:
WiMAX antenna networks
Cellular infrastructure base station antennas

High-performance laminates known as Rogers RO4533 materials were developed by Rogers Corporation. These substances are created to satisfy the needs of the antenna industry. FR-4 and lead-free solder processing work with Rogers RO4533 laminates. These laminates provide outstanding mechanical and electrical qualities.

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