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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Acquire Knowledge of Rogers 5880 Laminated PCB Materials

  • January 10. 2023
Acquire Knowledge of Rogers 5880 Laminated PCB Materials

Rogers 5880 laminated materials are produced using the same superior, dependable materials and techniques as Rogers, earning Rogers significant recognition from high-frequency material producers. The PCB's dielectric qualities play a key role in some designs. Power management is essential for all applications, whether high-speed, RF, microwave, or mobile. You'll discover that the prototype needs greater circuit board dielectric qualities than the typical FR-4 can offer. We understand. Therefore, to expand PCB Express, we use Rogers 5880 dielectric materials. Demanding PCB prototypes will perform better thanks to these innovative low loss dielectric materials.

RT duroid 5880 PCB DK DF

Why use Rogers Dielectric materials?
The fundamental PCB substrate is made of FR-4 material, which offers excellent performance in terms of cost, manufacturing capacity, electrical performance, and durability. However, Rogersmaterials is your best option if electrical properties and superior performance form the cornerstone of your design because:
  • Reduce dielectric loss
  • Low loss power consumption signal
  • Wide range Dk (dielectric constant) value (2.55-10.2)
  • Low cost circuit manufacturing
  • Low air release space application

Dielectric material
Dielectric materials, which have low conductivity, are employed in PCB structures as insulating layers. Plastic, glass, mica, porcelain, and various metal oxides are all effective dielectrics. The more efficient the dielectric material is, the smaller the dielectric loss—energy lost as heat. The dielectric substance will suddenly start to conduct electricity if the voltage inside of it increases, or if the electrostatic field gets too high. Dielectric breakdown is the term for this event.

Properties of Rogers 5880
  • Very low electrical loss opportunities for any reinforced PTFE material
  • Low hygroscopicity
  • Isotropy
  • Electrical properties with uniform frequency
  • Excellent chemical resistance, including solvents and reagents for printing and coating
  • Friendly environment
  • Pre Preg

The performance characteristics of PCB will be impacted by the shrinkage of "pre impregnated composite fiber" and the fabrication of PCB pre-pregs. a term used to describe a multilayer PCB, which is a substance used to link layers of adhesive layers, in the PCB manufacturing sector.

Rogers' RT Duroid 5880 High-frequency laminate
The PTFE composite material reinforced glass fiber is used in the Rogers 5880 high-frequency laminate series. These microfibers are statistically orientated to optimize fiber gain benefits and offer the best orientation for circuit makers and end-use applications. These high-frequency laminates are excellent for high-frequency/broadband applications where dispersion and loss must be kept to a minimum since they have the lowest dielectric constant of all the products and the lowest dielectric loss. Rogers 5880 is perfect for usage in areas with high relative humidity since it has a very low water absorption rate.

These cutting-edge circuit materials are simple to cut, process, and combine to create any solvent or reagent frequently used in electroplating holes and edges on circuit boards. They are isotropic, have very low moisture absorption, and have very low electrical loss for any reinforced PTFE material. Their electrical properties are uniform in frequency. Commercial telephone businesses, airlines, microstrip and stripline circuits, millimeter wave system applications for military radars, missile system antennas, digital radio point shows, and other entities employ the RT/Duroid 5880 high frequency PCB. The Rogers 5880 is intended for demanding applications in integrated circuits and microcircuits. It is filled with PTFE compounds.

The lowest DK value of any copper laminate currently on the market is found in Rogers 5880 material. The Rogers 5880 enables broadband microwave applications in the millimeter range where dispersion and circuit loss must be kept to a minimum because to its low dielectric constant of 1.96 at 10 GHz.

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