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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What's a reliable alternative RF material?--F4B High Frequency PCB

  • July 27. 2022

F4B High Frequency PCB

F4B (PTFE based) is a reliable alternative RF material for antenna, filter and power amplifier. This is a brand of Chinese material which has advantages in price and volume production.

Today we talk about high frequency circuit board built on Wangling's F4B substrates.

F4B DK2.65 1.6mm PCB

F4B series high frequency materials are Wangling's products of PTFE woven glass fabric. Today, we'll learn the woven glass fabric with ceramic filler: F4BTM-1/2. It's widely used in navigation, radar, satellite communication, 4G, 5G communications etc. with advantages in price and stableness in quality. 


F4BTM-1/2 has wide range of dielectric constant (DK) 2.55 to 10.2, and wide laminate thickness, 0.254mm to 10.0mm. Here I list them in the table and keep 3 seconds, you can make a screenshot for the purpose of learning.

Name Test condition Unit Value
Density Normal state g/ cm3 2.1~2.35
Moisture Absorption Dip in the distilled water of 20±2℃ for 24 hours % ≤0.02
Operating Temperature High-low temperature chamber -50℃~+260℃
Thermal Conductivity W/m/k 0.8
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.1~2.3) ppm/℃ 25(x)
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.3~2.9) ppm/℃ 14(x)
CTE (typical) 0~100℃ (εr :2.9~3.5) ppm/℃ 12(x)
Shrinkage Factor 2 hours in boiling water % 0.0002
Surface Resistivity 500V DC Normal state M·Ω ≥1×104
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×103
Volume Resistivity Normal state MΩ.cm ≥1×106
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×105
Pin Resistance 500V DC Normal state ≥1×105
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1×103
Surface dielectric strength Normal state d=1mm(Kv/mm) ≥1.2
Constant humidity and temperature ≥1.1
Dielectric Constant 10GHZ εr 2.20,2.55,2.65,3.0,3.5 (±2%)
Dissipation Factor 10GHZ tgδ 2.2 ≤7×10-4
2.55~2.65 ≤1×10-3
3.0~3.5 ≤1.5×10-3

OK. copper weight with half ounces, 1 ounce and 2 ounces are available.

Let's see our PCB capability on F4BTM-1/2.

F4B series PCB Capacity

We can provide you with single sided board, double sided board, multilayer board and FR-4 hybrid types.

The common color of solder mask is green, black or no color used.

The surface finish usually used is bare copper (no finish), Hot Air Soldering Level (HASL), immersion gold and immersion silver etc.

We can provide you with prototype, small batches and volume production services.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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