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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Learn More about the Rogers RO3006

  • February 10. 2022

Rogers RO3006 laminate is a ceramic filled PTFE composite designed for commercial microwave and radio frequency applications. These high-frequency circuit materials have excellent mechanical and electrical properties, making them stable and reliable.

RO3006 PCB

RO3006 material provides a stable dielectric constant, which helps to eliminate dielectric constant variation. These materials have stable mechanical properties, independent of the chosen Dk. This helps designers build multi-layer board designs using various dielectric constant materials for a single layer without encountering reliability issues.

These high frequency circuit materials have very low dielectric losses of 0.00020 at 10 GHz. RO3006 has a coefficient of thermal expansion of 17 ppm m/oC. This material is ideal for building striplines and multilayer boards. Due to its mechanical properties, it can be used in epoxy glass multilayer board designs.

Advantages of Rogers RO3006

Rogers RO3006 is considered a high frequency ceramic filler material for high performance applications. This material has reliable mechanical and electrical properties to meet the requirements of some specific designers. Some of the benefits of this material include:

Superior Mechanical Properties: This PTFE composite has excellent mechanical properties ideal for designing high-reliability striplines and multilayer boards.

Low In-Plane Expansion: This material has a low in-plane expansion coefficient that matches copper and is suitable for applications sensitive to temperature changes.

A Cost-Effective Choice: The Rogers RO3006 is available at an affordable price compared to similar products. This is one of the main reasons why it is the first choice for most designers. This material is excellent value for money.

ISO 9001 Certified: The Rogers RO3006 is ISO 9001 compliant. This international standard demonstrates the company's ability to consistently supply products that meet regulatory requirements.

Rogers RO3006 Application

Rogers RO3006 is a PTFE composite designed for a variety of applications. With its excellent mechanical and electrical properties, it offers durable solutions to some of the problems engineers face. These materials can be used in the following applications.

Automotive Radar System

global positioning satellite dish

Remote Meter Reader

power amplifier

In RF power amplifier design, Rogers RO3006 has proven to be a reliable material for this application. Due to the dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric loss and low CTE of this laminate, it is considered ideal for power amplifiers.

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