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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • RO4534 PCB 20mil: Unleashing the Power of Low Loss and High Performance
    • December 20. 2023

    Introduction: In the realm of advanced circuitry, the RO4534 PCB 20mil emerges as a cutting-edge solution, revolutionizing the field with its superior characteristics and exceptional performance. Engineered with Rogers' renowned RO4534 Ceramic-filled, Glass-reinforced Hydrocarbon Laminates, this PCB sets new standards in terms of low loss, low dielectric constant, and high thermal conductivity. Wi...

  • TU-768 PCB 0.8mm - High-Tg and High Thermal Reliability Laminate
    • March 08. 2024

    Introduction: The TU-768 material PCB is an exceptional high-Tg (glass transition temperature) and high thermal reliability laminate developed by Taiwan Union. It is accompanied by the TU-768P matching prepreg, offering a comprehensive solution for your PCB needs. The TU-768 laminate sand prepregs are crafted from top-quality woven E-glass coated with an epoxy resin system. This combination provid...

  • RO3210 PCB 25mil: Elevating High-Frequency Circuit Performance to New Heights
    • March 13. 2024

    In the ever-evolving landscape of high-frequency circuit materials, the RO3210 PCB stands out as a beacon of excellence. Engineered to deliver exceptional electrical performance and mechanical stability, the RO3210 PCB is a ceramic-filled laminate reinforced with woven fiberglass. What sets this material apart is its unparalleled mechanical stability, making it a top choice for applications that d...

  • What is RO3010 Material? - RO3010 PCB 2.7mm
    • April 11. 2024

    Introduction Rogers RO3010 is an advanced circuit material renowned for its exceptional characteristics in terms of mechanical and electrical stability. These ceramic-filled PTFE composites offer a higher dielectric constant, making them ideal for a wide range of applications across various frequencies. The RO3010 laminates are specifically designed to simplify the design process for broadband com...

  • What Is Rogers RO4350B Material? - RO4350B 20mil PCB
    • April 22. 2024

    Introduction: The RO4350B material PCB, developed by Rogers Corporation, is a state-of-the-art material that combines the electrical performance of PTFE/woven glass with the manufacturing advantages of epoxy/glass. This proprietary woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic material offers exceptional dielectric properties, making it highly suitable for a wide range of applications in the electron...

  • Rogers TMM 6 PCB: A High-Performance Solution for Advanced Microwave Applications
    • May 16. 2024

    Rogers TMM 6 PCB: A High-Performance Solution for Advanced Microwave Applications   Introduction In the realm of high-frequency electronics, the demand for reliable and efficient printed circuit boards (PCBs) is constantly growing. Rogers TMM 6 PCB, the latest addition to the Rogers Corporation's product family, emerges as an exceptional thermoset microwave material designed to meet the strin...

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