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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

RO4534 PCB 20mil: Unleashing the Power of Low Loss and High Performance

  • December 20. 2023

In the realm of advanced circuitry, the RO4534 PCB 20mil emerges as a cutting-edge solution, revolutionizing the field with its superior characteristics and exceptional performance. Engineered with Rogers' renowned RO4534 Ceramic-filled, Glass-reinforced Hydrocarbon Laminates, this PCB sets new standards in terms of low loss, low dielectric constant, and high thermal conductivity. With its impressive stackup, construction details, and diverse applications, the RO4534 PCB emerges as a game-changer in the industry.

PCB Substrates:

The foundation of the Rogers RO4534 PCB lies in its remarkable composition. Crafted from Rogers RO4534 laminates, this substrate showcases a dielectric constant of DK 3.4 at 10GHz. This feature ensures reliable signal transmission and enhanced performance across a wide range of applications. Additionally, the PCB boasts a minimal dissipation factor of 0.0027 at 10GHz, contributing to its low loss characteristics. With a PIM (typical) value of -157 dBC, the Rogers4534 PCB maintains excellent signal integrity, making it ideal for high-frequency applications. Furthermore, its robust thermomechanical properties, including a high glass transition temperature (Tg >280 °C) and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), enable stable operation in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -40℃ to +85℃.

Features and Benefits:

The RO4534 PCB 20mil offers an array of features and benefits that set it apart from conventional alternatives:

2.1 Low Loss, Low Dk, and Low PIM Response: The PCB's exceptional electrical properties ensure minimal signal loss, low dielectric constant, and reduced passive intermodulation (PIM), resulting in superior performance across various applications.

2.2 Compatibility and Fabrication: The thermoset resin system employed in the RO4534 0.508mm material PCB makes it compatible with standard PCB fabrication processes, simplifying the manufacturing workflow.

2.3 Dimensional Stability: With excellent dimensional stability, this PCB ensures greater yield on larger panel sizes, reducing waste and enhancing productivity.

2.4 Uniform Mechanical Properties: The RO4534 PCB maintains uniform mechanical properties, preserving its structural integrity during handling and assembly processes.

2.5 High Thermal Conductivity: The PCB's high thermal conductivity facilitates improved power handling capabilities, making it an ideal choice for power-intensive applications.

RO4534 0.508mm material PCB

Stackup and Construction Details:

The RO4534 PCB 20mil features a 2-layer rigid construction, adhering to the following stackup:

Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

Rogers 4534 Core: 0.508 mm

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

This well-optimized stackup ensures efficient signal propagation and reliable performance. With a finished board thickness of 0.6mm and a finished copper weight of 1oz (1.4 mils) on the outer layers, the PCB strikes an ideal balance between compactness and durability. The via plating thickness of 20 μm ensures robust connections and reliable conductivity. The surface finish of immersion gold guarantees excellent electrical performance and corrosion resistance. The top silkscreen in white further enhances ease of use and readability.

PCB Statistics:

The RO4534 20mil laminate PCB boasts impressive statistics that demonstrate its versatility and capacity to handle complex designs:

Components: 115

Total Pads: 223

Thru Hole Pads: 121

Top SMT Pads: 102

Bottom SMT Pads: 0

Vias: 267

Nets: 6

RO4534 PCB

Typical Applications:

The RO4534 PCB finds its purpose in various high-performance applications. Some of the typical applications include:

Cellular Infrastructure Base Station Antennas: The PCB's low loss and high thermal conductivity make it an ideal choice for base station antennas, ensuring efficient signal transmission and enhanced network coverage.

WiMAX Antenna Networks: With its low dielectric constant and excellent dimensional stability, the PCB is well-suited for WiMAX antenna networks, enabling reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity.

Quality Standard and Availability:

The RO4534 PCB adheres to the IPC-Class-2 quality standard, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability. Available worldwide, this PCB empowers engineers and manufacturers across the globe, providing them with a high-quality solution for their circuitry needs.


The RO4534 20mil PCB stands as a testament to innovation and high-performance engineering. Its exceptional characteristics, including low loss, low dielectric constant, and high thermal conductivity, make it a game-changer in the industry. With its robust construction, compatibility with standard fabrication processes, and remarkable dimensional stability, this PCB is at the forefront of modern technology. Whether in cellular infrastructure or WiMAX antenna networks, the RO4534 high frequency PCB delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring reliable signal transmission and optimal power handling. Embrace the power of the Rogers 4534 PCB and unlock new possibilities in your electronic designs.

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