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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials

  • June 21. 2022
Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials

RO3000 series circuit board material models: RO3003, RO3006, RO3010 and RO3035 high frequency laminate
RO3000 high frequency circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite for commercial microwave and RF circuits.

RO3000 family of products is a circuit board material with electrical characteristics and mechanical stability and competitive price. RO3000 series laminates are based on ceramic filled PTFE circuit materials. The mechanical properties of the series plates with different dielectric constants are consistent. It is convenient for designers to use materials with different dielectric constants in a single layer circuit without warping or reliability problems when designing multilayer circuits.

RO3003 PCB 20mil Microstrip patch antenna

The thermal expansion coefficient of RO3000 material in X and Y directions is 17ppm/℃. This value is comparable to the thermal expansion coefficient of copper, and the material typically exhibits dimensional stability due to etching shrinkage (etching after baking) of less than 0.5mils/inch. The CTE in the Z direction is 24 PPM /℃, which ensures the stability of electroplated holes even under severe temperature conditions. The dielectric constants of RO3003 and RO3035 materials are also very stable with temperature change.

RO3035 20mil PCB

Typical applications:
1- Vehicle radar
2- Global Positioning System satellite antenna
3- Cellular communication systems - amplifiers and antennas
4- Patch antenna for wireless communication
5- Live broadcasting satellite
6- Data links for wired systems
7- Remote meter reading
8- PSU backplane

Features and Advantages:
Low dielectric loss (RO3003 laminate)
1:77 GHZ high frequency circuit applications, with temperature change has mechanical properties stability;
2: high reliability ribbon line and multi-layer circuit structure different dielectric constant has the same mechanical stability;
3: ideal material for multilayer structure with different dielectric constants;
4: suitable for mixing with epoxy glass multilayer circuit design with temperature and frequency changes with a stable dielectric constant (RO3003 laminate);
5: suitable for bandpass filter, microstrip patch antenna and vCO, the expansion coefficient of the plate and copper equivalent;
6: to achieve more reliable table paste process
7: Suitable for temperature sensitive applications
8: excellent mechanical stability
Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials

Bicheng devote to supplying PCBs over 18 years with stable and strict quality gurantee, which service cellular base station antenna, satellite, high frequency passive components, microstrip line and band line circuit, millimeter wave equipment, radar system, digital radio frequency antenna and other fields wordwide. We are mainly providing high frequency PCBs which built on 3 high frequency material brands: Rogers Corporation, Taconic and Wangling. Dielectric constant ranges from 2.2 to 10.2 etc.

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