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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Rogers TMM6 Microwave HF Board Material

  • May 06. 2022
Rogers TMM 6 Microwave high frequency board material has isotropic dielectric constant (Dk). Like other TMM series materials, Rogers TMM 6 combines many of the desirable properties of ceramic and PTFE substrates and utilizes simple flexible plate machining techniques.

Rogers TMM6 Thermosetting MICROWAVE HF board materials are designed for ribbon-line and microstrip line applications with high reliability through hole requirements for electroplating. Rogers TMM 6 thermosetting hydrocarbon polymer composites are available in a wide variety of dielectric constants and coppered types. The electrical and mechanical properties of Rogers TMM 6 circuit board materials combine the benefits of ceramic and traditional PTFE microcortical platen, requiring no special manufacturing processes. Rogers TMM 6 laminates do not require sodium naphthalene treatment prior to chemical plating.

Rogers TMM 6 laminates have extremely low dielectric constant thermal temperature coefficients, typically below 30 PPM/oC. It also has isotropic thermal expansion coefficient, which is very close to that of copper. This enables TMM laminates to have reliable electroplating through holes and very low etch shrinkage values. In addition, the THERMAL conductivity of TMM 10I laminates is twice that of traditional PTFE/ ceramic laminates, making it easy to dissipate heat. Rogers TMM 6 HF board materials are based on thermosetting resin composites that do not soften during heating. Therefore, the connection between the components and the circuit can be very good without fear of pads falling off or material deformation.

Rogers TMM6  circuit board materials incorporate many of the characteristics of ceramic materials while reducing the need for special processing of soft materials in machining. Rogers TMM 6 laminate can be supplied with 1 oz to 2oz electrolytic copper foils or directly bonded yellow copper or aluminum substrate. Rogers TMM material thicknesses range from 0.015 to 0.500". Resistant to etching and dissolving agents in the process of printing circuit. Therefore, all commonly used PCB processes can be used to process Rogers TMM 6 thermoset microwave materials.


Low Dk 6.3 + / - 0.050
Low Df. 0023 @ 10 GHZ
Low TCDk - PPM / ° 43 K
Match the thermal expansion coefficient with copper
Thickness range:.0015 to.500 inches +/-.0015"


● Excellent creep resistance and cold deformation of mechanical properties

● Good resistance to chemicals used in the production process, can reduce the damage during manufacturing

● The material does not need to be treated with sodium naphthalene before chemical coating

Based on thermosetting resin, can achieve reliable bow | wire bonding

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