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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Taconic CER-10 RF PCB Printed Circuit Board

  • December 14. 2022

Taconic CER-10 RF PCB Printed Circuit Board

CER-10 is an organic-ceramic DK-10 laminate in the ORCER family of Taconic products. It is based on a woven glass reinforcement. CER-10 PCB exhibits exceptional interlaminar bond strength and solder resistance. Its proprietary composition results in low moisture absorption and uniform electrical properties.

Taconic CER 10 PCB has a board between each laminate and is covered on either one or both sides. For applications requiring high volume and low cost, this dimensionally stable laminate is the best choice. A flammability test is performed on this laminate. Brass, aluminum, or copper are the available finishes for Taconic CER-10.

Great mechanical and thermal qualities are offered by this laminate. For microwave designs, it is also perfect. Taconic CER 10 has a low moisture absorption rate and flexural strength.


Exceptional Interlaminar Bond
Low moisture absorption
Enhanced dimensonal stability
Low Z-Axis expansion
Stable DK over frequency
Increased flexural strength
Circuit board miniturization

Power amplifiers
Filters and couplers
Passive components

CER-10’s woven glass reinforcement ensures excellent dimensional stability and enhances flexural strength. This DK-10 laminate exhibits low Z-axis expansion (CTE 46 ppm/°C), allowing for plated-through-hole reliability in extreme thermal environments.

CER-10 laminates exhibit flammability of V-0 and are tested in accordance with IPC-TM 650. A certificate of conformance containing lot-specific data accompanies each shipment.

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