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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Taconic Laminate Types

  • March 09. 2023
Taconic provides a number of high-frequency laminates. Each of these laminates has exceptional properties and benefits. Let us take a look at the various Taconic laminates that are available.

Taconic RF-35 PCB
Taconic offers this type of laminate. This laminate is made of ceramic and reinforced with woven glass. It is best suited for high-performance applications such as antennas, power amplifiers, and passive components.

This laminate is ideal for use in RF and microwave applications. It has low dissipation factor, low moisture absorption, and excellent dimensional stability. Taconic RF-35 PCB Board complies with RoHS. This laminate is suitable for a variety of hybrid constructions.

RF-35 material PCB

Taconic RF-35 and hybrid multiple layer boards are combined by engineers. The combination of these high-quality materials will contribute to increased dependability.

Taconic CER-10 PCB
Taconic has yet another excellent laminate to offer. It is a woven glass-reinforced ceramic-filled laminate. Taconic CER-10 material has excellent solder resistance and consistent electrical properties. Couplers, power amplifiers, filters, and passive components are all made from this laminate.

Taconic CER 10 is clad on one or both sides and has an interlaminar board. This dimensionally stable laminate is an excellent choice for low-volume, low-cost applications. This laminate is tested for flammability. Taconic CER-10 laminate is available in brass, aluminum, or copper cladding.


This laminate has exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. It is also appropriate for microwave designs. Taconic CER-10 PCB is a flexural strength material with low moisture absorption.

Taconic TLY-5 PCB

Taconic TLY-5 PCB is made by Taconic. Dimensional stability and a uniform dielectric constant characterize these laminates. Their dielectric constant is 2.20, and their dielectric thickness is 0.005 Taconic TLY-5 PCB is used in power amplifiers, aerospace, cellular communications, automotive radars, and satellite communications, among other things.


This laminate is clad with materials such as aluminum, copper, and brass. As a result, the laminate is reinforced with woven glass. It is frequently used for low-cost applications requiring high performance. This dimensionally stable material is tested for flammability.

Taconic provides high-frequency PCBs that are ideal for a variety of applications. Taconic PCBs have a wide dielectric constant range, a low dissipation factor, and minimal electrical signal loss. Woven glass is used to reinforce these laminates. They possess exceptional thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties.

Taconic substrate PCBs are available in a variety of configurations. These printed circuit boards are made from a variety of materials that ensure high reliability. These materials are used in aerospace, automotive radar, and power amplifiers, among other applications. Taconic is a well-known brand that has had a long-standing reputation in the PCB industry.

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