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Hybrid PCB
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Taconic High Frequency PCB Built on RF-35TC 10mil 0.254mm

RF-35TC is a type of high frequency material from Taconic company. It offers a "best in class" low dissipation factor with high thermal conductivity.

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Taconic High Frequency PCB Built on RF-35TC 10mil 0.254mm with Immersion Gold for Filters and Couplers etc.

This material is best suited for high power applications where every 1/10th of a dB is critical and the PCB substrate is expected to diffuse heat away from both transmission lines and surface mount components such as transistors.

Taconic RF-35TC PCB

RF-35TC is a PTFE based, ceramic filled fiberglass substrate. It will not oxidize, yellow or show upward drift in dielectric constant and dissipation factor like its synthetic rubber (hydrocarbon) competitors.

This laminate has a low dielectric constant value of 3.50 and has extremely low Df of 0.0011. It provides a low dissipation factor with high thermal conductivity and bonds very well to low profile copper, further reducing insertion loss.

Taconic RF-35TC PCB

The RF-35TC laminates are ideal for antennas, satellites, filters, couplers and power amplifiers.

PCB Specifications:

PCB SIZE 75 x 86mm=1PCS
BOARD TYPE Double sided PCB
Number of Layers 2 layers
Surface Mount Components YES
Through Hole Components YES
LAYER STACKUP Copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate TOP layer
RF-35TC 0.254mm
Copper ------- 35um(1oz) + plate  BOT Layer
Minimum Trace and Space: 7.1 mil / 5 mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes: 0.4 mm / 5.2 mm
Number of Different Holes: 6
Number of Drill Holes: 41
Number of Milled Slots: 0
Number of Internal Cutouts: 3
Impedance Control: no
Number of Gold finger: 0
Glass Epoxy:  RF-35TC 0.254mm
Final foil external:  1.5 oz
Final foil internal:  N/A
Final height of PCB:  0.3 mm ±0.1mm
Surface Finish Immersion gold
Solder Mask Apply To:  TOP, 12micron Minimum
Solder Mask Color:  Green, PSR-2000GT600D, Taiyo Supplied.
Solder Mask Type: LPSM
Side of Component Legend TOP
Colour of Component Legend White, IJR-4000 MW300, Taiyo brand
Manufacturer Name or Logo:  Marked on the board in a conductor and leged FREE AREA
VIA Plated through hole(PTH), minimum size 0.4mm.
Outline dimension:   0.0059"
Board plating: 0.0029"
Drill tolerance:  0.002"
TEST 100% Electrical Test prior shipment
TYPE OF ARTWORK TO BE SUPPLIED email file, Gerber RS-274-X, PCBDOC etc
SERVICE AREA Worldwide, Globally.

Data Sheet of RF-35TC:

Property Test Method Unit Value Unit Value
DK at 10 GHz IPC-650 3.5 3.5
Tck(-30 to 120℃) IPC-650 ppm 24 ppm 24
Df at 10 GHz IPC-650 0.0011 0.0011
Dielectric Breakdown IPC-650 2.5.6(in-Plane,Two Pins in Oil) kV 56.7 kV 56.7
Dielectric Strength ASTM D 149(Through Plane) V/mil 570 V/mm 22,441
Arc Resistance IPC-650 2.5.1 Seconds 304 Seconds 304
Moisture Absorption IPC-650 % 0.05 % 0.05
Flexural Strength(MD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 psi 12,900 N/mm2 88.94
Flexural Strength(CD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 psi 11,700 N/mm2 80.67
Tensile Strength(MD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 psi 9,020 N/mm2 62.19
Tensile Strength(CD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 psi 7,740 N/mm2 53.37
Elongation at Break(MD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 % 1.89 N/mm 1.89
Elongation at Break(CD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 % 1.7 % 1.7
Young's Modulus(MD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 psi 667,000 N/mm2 4,599
Young's Modulus(CD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 psi 637,000 N/mm2 4,392
Poisson's Ratio(MD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 0.18 0.18
Poisson's Ratio(CD) ASTM D 3039/IPC-TM-650 2.4.19 0.23 0.18
Compressive Modulus ASTM D 695(23℃) psi 560,000 N/mm2 3,861
Flexural Strength(MD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 psi 1.46 x 106 N/mm2 10,309
Flexural Strength(CD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 psi 1.50 x 106 N/mm2 10,076
Peel Stength(½ oz.CVH) IPC-650 2.4.8(Thermal Stress.) Ibs./inch 7 g/cm3 1.25
Thermal Conductivity(Unclad,125℃) ASTM F433(Guarded Heat Flow) W/(mK) 0.6 W/(mK) 0.6
Thermal Conductivity(C1/C1,125℃) ASTM F433(Guarded Heat Flow) W/(mK) 0.92 W/(mK) 0.92
Thermal Conductivity(CH/CH,125℃) ASTM F433(Guarded Heat Flow) W/(mK) 0.87 W/(mK) 0.87
Dimensional Stability(MD) IPC-650-2.4.39 Sec.5.4(After Etch) mils/in. 0.23 mm/M 0.23
Dimensional Stability(CD) IPC-650-2.4.39 Sec.5.4(After Etch) mils/in. 0.64 mm/M 0.64
Dimensional Stability(MD) IPC-650-2.4.39 Sec.5.5(Thermal Stress.) mils/in. -0.04 mm/M -0.04
Dimensional Stability(CD) IPC-650-2.4.39 Sec.5.5(Thermal Stress.) mils/in. 0.46 mm/M 0.46
Surface Resistivity IPC-650 elevated temp.) Mohms 8.33 x 107 Mohms 8.33 x 107
Surface Resistivity IPC-650 humidity) Mohms 6.42 x 107 Mohms 6.42 x 107
Volume Resistivity IPC-650 elevated temp.) Mohms/cm 5.19 x 108 Mohms/cm 5.19 x 108
Volume Resistivity IPC-650 humidity) Mohms/cm 2.91 x 108 Mohms/cm 2.91 x 108
CTE(X axis)(25-260℃) IPC-650 2.4.41/ASTM D 3386 ppm/℃ 11 ppm/℃ 11
CTE(Y axis)(25-260℃) IPC-650 2.4.41/ASTM D 3386 ppm/℃ 13 ppm/℃ 13
CTE(Z axis)(25-260℃) IPC-650 2.4.41/ASTM D 3386 ppm/℃ 34 ppm/℃ 34
Density ASTM D 792 g/cm3 2.35 g/cm3 2.35
Hardness ASTM D 2240(Shore D) 79.1 79.1
Strain at Break(MD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 % 0.014 % 0.014
Strain at Break(CD) ASTM D 790/IPC-650 2.4.4 % 0.013 % 0.013
Specific Heat ASTM E 1269-05,E 967-08,E968-02 j/(g℃) 0.94 j/(g℃) 0.94
Td(2% Weight Loss) IPC-650 oF 788 420
Td(5% Weight Loss) IPC-650 oF 817 436

RF-35TC PCB Applications:

RF-35TC PCB Applications







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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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