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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Taconic RF-10 PCB

  • December 06. 2022

RF-10 laminates are designed to offer a cost-effective substrate with acceptable delivery times for the industry. RF-10 fills a requirement for size reduction in RF applications.

This kind of 60mil RF-10 substrate is used to construct low loss, high DK PCBs. With a sizable region of immersion gold and a partial green solder mask, it is a double layer build-up.

60mil RF-10 PCB

With a high dielectric constant (10.2 10GHz) and a low dissipation factor, Taconic RF-10 laminates are composites of PTFE with ceramic filling and woven fiberglass (0.0025 10GHz). Thin woven fiberglass reinforcement is utilized to provide multilayer circuits with increased dimensional stability, ease of handling, and low dielectric loss.

RF-10 high frequency materials were developed in response to the need for smaller RF applications. They offer cost-effective substrates. It adheres well to low profile, smooth copper as well. At higher frequencies, where skin effect losses are significantly more important, the low dissipation combined with the use of very smooth copper produces the best insertion losses.

The Taconic RF-10 PCB serves as the controller for their RF-10 control surface on a printed circuit board (PCB). In order to work with the computer, this surface has a distinctive design. An individual can produce animated works of art that are interactive with this tool. This hardware is the ideal medium for expressing oneself because of its features, like USB connectivity.

In 1996, Taconic introduced the RF-10 PCB. Its design works best when paired with Apple Macintosh 8600/180 and 9600 series computers. However, thanks to its USB connection, we may also use it with other computers. Users of the RF-10 PCB joystick controller can move a cursor over shapes on the computer screen to manipulate them. The parts used to control the strength of color values consist of two sizable knobs with LEDs.

Typical Applications
1.Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems
2.GPS Antennas
3.Microstrip Patch Antennas
4.Passive Components (filters, couplers, power dividers)
5.Satellite Components

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IPv6 network supported


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