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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

TC350 PCB 20mil - How Does It's Low Insertion Loss Contribute to Improved Performance in High Power Applications?

  • April 03. 2024
Superior Performance in High Power Applications


The TC350 high frequency PCB is an exceptional printed circuit board substrate designed to meet the demanding requirements of high power applications. Manufactured using Rogers TC350 laminates, this PCB offers a unique combination of low insertion loss, high thermal conductivity, and excellent dielectric constant stability. With its superior reliability and reduced operating temperatures, the TC350 PCB 20mil is the ideal choice for power amplifier and antenna designers seeking optimal performance.


The TC350 20mil substrate PCB boasts an impressive set of features that make it stand out in the market:

1.Dielectric Constant (Dk):

The PCB exhibits a consistent Dk of 3.5 at 1MHz, 1.8GHz, and 10GHz. This stability is crucial for power amplifier and antenna designers as it maximizes gain and minimizes bandwidth loss, ensuring optimal performance.

2.Dissipation Factor:

With a dissipation factor of .0015 at 1MHz, 0.0018 at 1.8GHz, and 0.002 at 10GHz, the TC350 PCB 20mil minimizes signal loss and maintains excellent signal integrity, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

3.Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE):

The PCB's CTE values of 7 ppm/°C (x-axis), 7 ppm/°C (y-axis), and 23 ppm/°C (z-axis) from 50°C to 150°C ensure dimensional stability and reliable performance under varying temperature conditions.

4.Low Thermal Coefficient of Dk:

With a low thermal coefficient of Dk at -9 ppm/°C from -40°C to 140°C, the TC350 PCB 20mil provides stability and consistency in electrical performance across a wide temperature range.

5.High Thermal Conductivity:

The PCB exhibits a high thermal conductivity of 0.72 W/mk, enabling efficient heat dissipation and management. This feature helps reduce junction temperature, improving reliability and longevity.

6.Moisture Absorption:

With a moisture absorption rate of 0.05%, the TC350 PCB 20mil maintains its electrical and mechanical properties even in humid environments, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

7.Thermal Endurance:

The PCB is designed to withstand demanding thermal cycles, with T260, T288, and T300 values exceeding 60 minutes. This makes it suitable for applications that experience temperature variations.

TC350 Rogers PCB

How does the TC350 PCB's low insertion loss contribute to improved performance in high power applications?

The TC350 PCB's low insertion loss plays a crucial role in improving performance in high-power applications. Here's how it contributes to enhanced performance:

1) Efficient Power Transmission: Low insertion loss means that the PCB minimizes the amount of power lost as signals pass through it. In high-power applications, where power efficiency is critical, reducing insertion loss helps maximize the power transmitted to the load. This efficient power transmission ensures that the intended signals reach their destination with minimal attenuation.

2) Improved Signal Integrity: Insertion loss represents the attenuation or reduction in signal strength as it passes through the PCB. By keeping insertion loss low, the TC350 PCB helps maintain the integrity of high-power signals. It reduces signal degradation, preserves signal quality, and minimizes distortions that can occur due to losses in the transmission path. This is especially important in applications where accurate and reliable signal reproduction is essential.

3) Enhanced Amplifier Performance: In power amplifier applications, low insertion loss is vital for maximizing the amplifier's gain. It allows the input signals to be amplified with minimal power losses, enabling the amplifier to deliver its full potential. By minimizing the insertion loss, the TC350 PCB ensures that the amplifier operates more efficiently, resulting in improved overall performance and higher output power.

4) Increased Bandwidth Utilization: Low insertion loss also helps in optimizing the utilization of available bandwidth. It allows high-frequency signals to pass through the PCB with minimal attenuation, ensuring that the full bandwidth is effectively utilized. This is particularly important in applications such as RF and wireless communication systems, where the accurate transmission of signals across a wide frequency range is essential.

5) Reduced Heat Generation: Insertion loss in a PCB is typically associated with power dissipation. When signals encounter losses, they are converted into heat. By minimizing insertion loss, the TC350 PCB reduces the amount of heat generated within the PCB itself. This is particularly beneficial in high-power applications where excessive heat can impact performance, reliability, and longevity.


By utilizing the TC350 PCB 20mil, customers can enjoy a range of benefits that contribute to enhanced performance and reliability:

1. Reduced Junction Temperature and Improved Reliability:

The PCB's excellent thermal conductivity and low thermal coefficient of Dk result in reduced junction temperatures, leading to improved reliability and extended product lifespan.

2. Excellent Heat Dissipation and Management:

The high thermal conductivity of the TC350 PCB 20mil ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and allowing for stable operation even under high power conditions.

3. Improved Bandwidth Utilization and Efficiency:

With its stable dielectric constant and low insertion loss, this PCB enables improved bandwidth utilization and efficiency for amplifiers and antennas, resulting in superior signal transmission.

4. Unsurpassed Plated Through Hole (PTH) Reliability:

The TC350 PCB 20mil guarantees exceptional PTH reliability, ensuring robust connectivity and minimizing the risk of signal degradation or failure.

PCB Stackup and Construction Details:

The TC350 Rogers PCB 20mil is a 2-layer rigid PCB with the following stackup:

Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

TC350 Core: 0.508 mm (20mil)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

The board dimensions measure 68.35mm x 41.4mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.15mm. The minimum trace/space is 6/5 mils, allowing for precise routing. The minimum hole size is 0.5mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of components. The finished board thickness is 0.6mm, and the finished copper weight is 1oz (1.4 mils) on the outer layers.

The PCB features 20 μm via plating thickness, providing robust and reliable interconnection. The vias are filled with resin and capped, enhancing their strength and reliability.

To ensure the highest quality, each PCB undergoes a 100% electrical test before shipment, guaranteeing its functionality and adherence to specifications.

PCB Statistics:

The Double sided TC350 PCB 20mil features the following statistics:

Components: 19

Total Pads: 48

Thru Hole Pads: 26

Top SMT Pads: 22

Bottom SMT Pads: 0

Vias: 25

Nets: 3

TC350 PCB 20mil

Type of Artwork Supplied: Gerber RS-274-X

The TC350 PCB conforms to the IPC-Class-2 quality standard, ensuring high-quality manufacturing and reliable performance. It is available for purchase worldwide, providing global accessibility to customers.

Typical Applications:

The Arlon TC350 PCB finds applications in various high-power electronic systems, including:

1.Power Amplifiers, Filters, and Couplers:

The PCB's low insertion loss, high thermal conductivity, and excellent reliability make it ideal for power amplifiers, filters, and couplers, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

2.Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) and Tower Mounted Boosters (TMB):

The TC350 PCB 20mil's ability to handle high power and efficiently dissipate heat makes it suitable for tower-mounted amplifiers and boosters, ensuring reliable and consistent signal amplification.

3.Thermally Cycled Antennas Sensitive to Dielectric Drift:

Antennas that experience thermal cycling and are sensitive to dielectric drift require stable and reliable substrates. The TC350 PCB 20mil's superior dielectric constant stability ensures consistent performance in these applications.

4.Microwave Combiner and Power Dividers:

The PCB's low insertion loss, high thermal conductivity, and excellent reliability make it a preferred choice for microwave combiners and power dividers, enabling efficient power distribution and signal isolation.


In conclusion, the TC350 PCB 20mil is a high-performance substrate designed to meet the demands of high-power applications. With its exceptional thermal conductivity, stable dielectric constant, and reliable performance, this PCB offers superior heat dissipation, reduced junction temperatures, and improved overall reliability. Its low insertion loss and excellent plated through hole reliability make it ideal for applications such as power amplifiers, filters, tower-mounted amplifiers, antennas, and microwave systems. The Rogers TC350 PCB is a reliable and efficient solution for customers seeking optimal performance in their high-power electronic systems.

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