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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

TMM3 PCB 20mil - What Is the Dielectric Constant of TMM3?

  • April 03. 2024
High-Performance Ceramic Thermoset Microwave PCB


The TMM3 PCB is an exceptional high-frequency circuit board designed for demanding microwave applications. It belongs to the Rogers TMM3 thermoset microwave material family, renowned for its ceramic thermoset polymer composite construction. The TMM3 laminates offer a unique combination of benefits from both ceramic and traditional PTFE microwave circuit laminates, without the need for specialized production techniques. With reliable wire-bonding capabilities and high plated thru-hole reliability, the TMM3 PCB sets a new standard for performance and reliability in strip-line and micro-strip applications.


The Rogers TMM3 PCB boasts an impressive array of features that make it a top choice for high-frequency applications:

1.WhatIs theDielectricConstant ofTMM3?

With a Dk of 3.27 +/- .032 at 10GHz, the TMM3 PCB ensures accurate signal transmission and minimal signal loss, enabling high-quality performance in RF and microwave circuitry.

2.Dissipation Factor:

The TMM3 PCB offers a low dissipation factor of .0020 at 10GHz, minimizing energy loss and maintaining excellent signal integrity.

3.Thermal Coefficient of Dk:

The TMM3 PCB exhibits a low thermal coefficient of Dk of 37 ppm/°K, ensuring stable performance across a wide temperature range.

4.Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:

The TMM3 PCB's coefficient of thermal expansion is carefully matched to copper, reducing stress and enhancing reliability.

5.Decomposition Temperature (Td):

With a Td of 425 °C (TGA), the TMM3 PCB can withstand high-temperature processes, making it suitable for demanding applications.

6.Thermal Conductivity:

The TMM3 PCB offers a thermal conductivity of 0.7W/mk, facilitating efficient heat dissipation and improving overall performance.

7.Thickness Range:

The TMM3 PCB is available in a thickness range of .0015 to .500 inches (+/- .0015”), providing flexibility to meet various design requirements.

20mil Rogers PCB


The 20mil Rogers PCB's advanced design and exceptional properties offer several key benefits:

1.Mechanical Stability:

The TMM3 PCB resists creep and cold flow, ensuring long-term mechanical stability and reliable performance.

2.Chemical Resistance:

This PCB material is highly resistant to process chemicals, reducing the risk of damage during fabrication and ensuring consistent quality.

3.Electroless Plating:

Unlike some other materials, the TMM3 PCB does not require a sodium napthanate treatment prior to electroless plating, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs.

4.Reliable Wire-Bonding:

Based on a thermoset resin, the TMM3 PCB allows for reliable wire-bonding, reducing the risk of pad lifting or substrate deformation.

PCB Stackup and Construction Details:

The TMM3 PCB is a 2-layer rigid PCB with the following stackup:

Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

Rogers TMM3 Core: 0.508 mm (20mil)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

The construction details of the TMM3 PCB are as follows:

Board Dimensions: The PCB measures 51mm x 25mm (+/- 0.15mm), providing a compact and efficient design solution.

Trace/Space: The TMM3 PCB supports a minimum trace and space width of 4/7 mils, enabling high-density circuitry.

Hole Size: The minimum hole size supported by the TMM3 PCB is 0.4mm, allowing for precise component placement and compatibility with standard drill sizes.

Vias: The PCB features 12 vias, facilitating the interconnection of different layers and enabling efficient signal routing.

Solder Mask and Surface Finish: The TMM3 PCB comes with green solder masks on both the top and bottom layers, providing protection and insulation. The surface finish is immersion gold, ensuring excellent solderability and corrosion resistance.

Electrical Testing: Each TMM3 PCB undergoes a comprehensive 100% electrical test before shipment, ensuring the highest levels of quality and reliability.

PCB Statistics:

The TMM3 PCB offers a well-balanced configuration and provides the following statistics:

Components: The PCB supports up to 15 components, allowing for versatile circuit design and integration.

Pads: It features a total of 26 pads, including 17 thru-hole pads for secure component mounting and 9 top SMT pads for surface-mount placement.

Nets: The TMM3 PCB supports two nets, facilitating efficient signal routing and interconnection.

Type of Artwork Supplied and Quality Standard:

The TMM3 PCB comes with Gerber RS-274-X artwork files, ensuring compatibility with standard PCB design software and manufacturing processes. It adheres to the IPC-Class-2 quality standard, guaranteeing reliable performance and adherence to industry best practices.

Availability and Typical Applications:

The TMM3 PCB is available worldwide, making it accessibleto customers across the globe. It is an ideal choice for various high-frequency applications, including:

1.RF and Microwave Circuitry:

The TMM3 PCB's exceptional electrical properties make it perfect for RF and microwave circuit designs, ensuring low signal loss, minimal interference, and high-performance signal transmission.

2.Power Amplifiers and Combiners:

The TMM3 PCB's high reliability and excellent thermal management capabilities make it suitable for power amplifier and combiner applications, where efficient power transmission and heat dissipation are crucial.

3.Filters and Couplers:

With its low insertion loss and stable performance across a wide temperature range, the TMM3 PCB is well-suited for the construction of filters and couplers, enabling precise frequency control and signal conditioning.

4.Satellite Communication Systems:

The TMM3 PCB's high-frequency capabilities and reliable wire-bonding make it an excellent choice for satellite communication systems, ensuring reliable signal transmission in demanding space environments.

5.Global Positioning Systems Antennas:

The TMM3 PCB's low dielectric constant and high thermal stability make it ideal for the construction of antennas used in global positioning systems, enabling accurate signal reception and transmission.

7.Patch Antennas:

The TMM3 PCB's excellent dielectric properties and dimensional stability support the construction of patch antennas, providing efficient and reliable wireless communication in applications such as wireless networks and satellite communication.

8.Dielectric Polarizers and Lenses:

The TMM3 PCB's high-performance characteristics make it suitable for dielectric polarizers and lenses, enabling precise control of electromagnetic waves in applications such as radar systems and imaging devices.

9.Chip Testers:

The TMM3 PCB's reliable wire-bonding capability and mechanical stability make it an ideal choice for chip testers, ensuring accurate and repeatable testing of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices.


In conclusion, the TMM3 PCB 20mil offers outstanding performance and reliability for high-frequency applications. With its unique blend of ceramic and thermoset polymer composite materials, it combines the advantages of both, without the need for specialized production techniques. The TMM3 microwave PCB's exceptional electrical properties, thermal stability, and reliable wire-bonding make it an excellent choice for RF and microwave circuitry, power amplifiers, filters, satellite communication systems, GPS antennas, and more. Its availability worldwide and adherence to IPC-Class-2 quality standards ensure that customers can rely on the TMM3 PCB for their most demanding applications.

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