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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

TLX Series PCB

  • March 02. 2023

TLX PCB provides dependability for a variety of RF applications. Because to its 2.45 to 2.65 DK range, available thicknesses, and copper cladding, this material is adaptable. It is appropriate for microwave designs with few layers.

TLX series PCB is a fiberglass laminate with a PTFE base that is perfect for usage in RF components, microwave test equipment, mobile communications, and radar systems.

The fiberglass in TLX provides mechanical reinforcement wherever a substrate encounters harsh environments, such as resistance to creep for PCBs bolted to housings that experience high levels of vibration during space launch, high temperature exposure in engine modules, radiation resistance in space, antenna for warships that encounter harsh environments at sea, and a substrate for altimeters that see a wide range of temperature.

Taconic TLX-9 RF PCB

There're TLX-0 (dk2.45), TLX-9 (dk2.50), TLX-8 (dk2.55), TLX-7 (dk2.60) and TLX-6 (dk2.65) in the TLX family. Dielectric thickness of TLX-0 ranges from 0.127mm to 6.35mm (5mil-250mil), TLX-9 ranges from 0.05mm to 6.35mm (2mil - 250mil), TLX-8 ranges from 0.064mm to 6.35mm (2.5mil to 250mil), TLX-7 ranges from 0.089mm to 6.35mm (3.5mil - 250mil), TLX-6 ranges from 0.089mm to 6.35mm (3.5mil to 250mil), Taconic TLY-5 DK2.2 PCB, 62mil TLX Taconic PCB.

The production of couplers, splitters, combiners, amplifiers, antenna, and other components is made possible by the large range of dielectric constants that are available.

Taconic offers a variety of high frequency laminates and prepregs and is a global leader in RF laminates and high speed digital materials. These cutting-edge materials are employed in the production of high-speed digital boards, connectors, and devices, as well as multilayer RF and antennas.

Excellent mechanical & thermal properties
Low & stable DK
Dimensionally stable
Low moisture absorption
UL 94 V-O rating
Tightly controlled DK
Low DF
For low layer count microwave designs

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