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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Why Do You Choose the Rogers RO4533 PCB

  • February 08. 2023
Why Do You Choose the Rogers RO4533 PCB

Rogers RO4533 is a ceramic-filled laminate with glass hydrocarbon-based reinforcement. This laminate has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, making it ideal for antenna designs. The 4500 series PCB includes Rogers RO4533 laminates. This circuit material has many advantages that make it suitable for use across a wide frequency range.

Rogers 4533 high frequency PCB is intended for high-speed, high-performance applications. These laminates satisfy the needs of antenna designers. Its low dielectric characteristics and thickness tolerance are just two of its many advantages.

Rogers 4533 PCB

These laminates are well suited for microstrip antenna applications due to their low loss performance and controlled dielectric constant. These laminates also provide passive intermodulation response, which is an excellent feature that meets the needs of the antenna industries. RO4533 material can be processed with lead-free solder.

Rogers RO4533 properties include:


RO4533 laminates have excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, making them useful in a variety of applications. Some of these properties are discussed further below:

Low dielectric constant: The dielectric constant is a measurement of a material's ability to store energy in an electric field. At 10GHz/23°C, the dielectric constant of the Rogers RO4533 is 3.3. In the antenna market, a material with a low dielectric constant is preferred. When exposed to strong electric fields, materials with low dielectric constants do not degrade easily.

Excellent thermal expansion coefficient: The coefficient of thermal expansion of this material is measured to be 13 and 11 ppm/°C in the X and Y axes, respectively. The CTE of a PCB material describes how it expands in response to temperature changes. Rogers RO4533 has a low CTE, implying that it can be used in any temperature range.

High thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity is a measurement of a printed-circuit-board material's ability to transfer heat. Rogers RO4533 has a thermal conductivity of 0.6 W/m/K. This thermal property is sufficient for antenna-grade laminates.

Low moisture absorption: Rogers RO4533 laminates absorb moisture at a very slow rate. It absorbs moisture at a rate of 0.02%. These laminates are resistant to moisture. The moisture absorption rates of PCB materials are typically less than 0.2%.

At 10GHz/23°C, the dissipation factor of the Rogers 4533 PCB is 0.0025. This metric depicts the rate of energy loss caused by a material's inherent properties. Because of their low dissipation factor, these laminates have an efficient insulator system.

Rogers RO4533 has exceptional dimensional stability, with a dimensional stability of less than 0.2mm/m. This demonstrates that the size of this material remains constant even when subjected to high temperatures.

What to Think About When Choosing Rogers RO4533

Rogers 4533 PCB Board

Certain factors should be considered when selecting Rogers RO4533. These elements are discussed further below;

Application requirements: Different properties are required for different applications. Consider whether the properties of Rogers RO4533 are compatible with the application for which you intend to use it. This is the most important factor to consider first.

Material thickness: Because this material has a high tolerance for thickness, the dielectric thickness of your material is critical.

Availability: Make certain that The Rogers RO4533 is widely available. You can get confirmation from your product's supplier.

This laminate is available in a variety of copper foil options. Although standard EDC foil is used in most applications, LoPro reverse-treat copper is also an option.

Size of installation space: You should be aware of the dimensions of the space in which you intend to install your Rogers RO4533. This will assist you in determining the best size for your application.

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