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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Rogers RO3035 high frequency PCB

  • February 14. 2023
Rogers RO3035 high frequency circuit materials are PTFE composites filled with ceramic and designed for use in RF and commercial microwave applications. It was created to provide mechanical and electrical stability at affordable prices.

They boast circuit materials with consistent mechanical properties regardless of dielectric constant selection. This enables the designer to create multilayer board designs with varying dielectric constants for individual layers without encountering reliability or warpage issues.

RO3035 30 mil PCB

Rogers RO3035 materials have a very stable dielectric constant against temperature. The materials used here have a thermal expansion coefficient of 17 ppm/°C in both the X and Y axes. This coefficient is compared to the coefficient of copper. This allows the material to be very dimensionally stable and reduces the possibility of bowing and twisting. The expansion coefficient also eliminates the possibility of delamination of the thick metal cladding.

Benefits of the Rogers RO3035
  • Its application frequency can get to 30-40 GHz  as a result of the low dielectric loss
  • This application is reliable in multilayer and stripline pcb structure
  • It is appropriate for pcb designs with multilayer and varying dielectric constant
  • It is great for the structural design of pcb with multilayer with a mix of epoxy resin
  • Great for applications that are sensitive to temperature
  • Higher reliability, lower operating temperature for power amplifier applications
  • Great dimensional stability
  • It is available globally and therefore is great for multi-site production use.

Why are thin RO3035 laminates appropriate for fabricating PCBs used in high-frequency applications?
Using thinner PCB laminates has advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered before making a decision to use thin laminates.

Thinner laminates have several advantages, including a low profile and light weight, making them ideal for use in mobile and portable devices.

These thinner laminates are also excellent for much higher frequencies, such as 30 GHz and above. They aid in the prevention of unwanted signal propagation modes, which are typical of such high frequencies.

Unwanted traveling waves can interfere with the intended propagation of the circuit wave. The loss tangent and dielectric constant of this thinner laminate are extremely low.

When the Dk value of your Rogers 3035 PCB is low and you need to keep the controlled impedance lines, you can use a wider conductor.

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