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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

CLTE-XT PCB 20mil: Revolutionizing Performance and Reliability in Advanced Electronics

  • January 04. 2024

The CLTE-XT PCB 20mil is an exceptional printed circuit board that pushes the boundaries of performance, reliability, and dimensional stability. Developed by Rogers, a renowned leader in advanced materials solutions, the CLTE-XT PCB offers a unique combination of micro-dispersed ceramic filler, PTFE, and woven fiberglass reinforcement. This composition results in a laminate that exhibits remarkable properties, including low insertion loss, the lowest dielectric constant, and high dimensional stability. With its ability to maintain performance across a wide temperature range, the CLTE-XT PCB is a game-changer in the world of advanced electronics.

CLTE-XT Introduction:

Rogers CLTE-XT laminates represent a significant advancement in PCB technology. They are designed to improve loss tangent while providing the lowest insertion loss and the highest degree of dimensional stability in their class. The CLTE-XT PCB builds upon the success of the CLTE laminates and expands its performance capabilities over an even wider temperature range.

The unique combination of micro-dispersed ceramic filler, PTFE, and woven fiberglass reinforcement allows the CLTE-XT PCB to achieve exceptional properties. It delivers a dielectric constant (DK) of 2.94 at 10GHz and a dissipation factor of 0.0010 at the same frequency. These impressive characteristics ensure superior signal integrity and minimal signal loss.

Moreover, the CLTE-XT high frequency PCB exhibits excellent dimensional stability, with coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) of 12.7 ppm/°C (X-axis), 13.7 ppm/°C (Y-axis), and 40.8 ppm/°C (Z-axis). This dimensional stability guarantees consistent performance and reliable connections, even under varying temperature conditions.


The Rogers CLTE-XT PCB offers a range of features that make it stand out in the market. With a dielectric constant of 2.94 at 10GHz, the CLTE-XT PCB ensures precise signal propagation and minimizes signal distortion. Its low dissipation factor of 0.0010 at 10GHz further enhances signal integrity, reducing energy loss.

The CLTE-XT PCB exhibits a high glass transition temperature (Td) of 539°C, enabling its use in demanding temperature environments. This exceptional Td value ensures the PCB's reliability and stability even under extreme conditions.

One of the remarkable features of the CLTE-XT PCB is its tight dielectric constant tolerance of +/- 0.03. This level of precision ensures consistency in performance and enables engineers to design circuits with higher accuracy.

CLTE-XT high frequency PCB


The CLTE-XT PCB brings a wide range of benefits to electronic manufacturers and designers. Its high plated through hole (PTH) reliability ensures robust connections, minimizing the risk of signal loss or failure. The CLTE-XT PCB's reliable PTHs contribute to the overall performance and longevity of electronic devices.

Another key benefit is the repeatable lot-to-lot performance of the CLTE-XT PCB. This reliability ensures consistent quality across multiple production runs, allowing manufacturers to meet stringent performance requirements and maintain customer satisfaction.

By reducing circuit losses without sacrificing dimensional stability, the CLTE-XT PCB optimizes overall system efficiency. This benefit is particularly important in high-frequency applications where signal integrity and power efficiency are critical.

The CLTE-XT PCB's exceptional dielectric constant stability with temperature changes contributes to reduced stress attachment to ceramic active devices. This stability minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive components, ensuring their longevity and reliable performance.

PCB Stackup and Construction Details:

The CLTE-XT PCB is a 2-layer rigid printed circuit board designed for compact and high-performance applications. It consists of a 35 μm thick copper layer on both sides, with a core made of Rogers CLTE-XT material measuring 0.508 mm (20mil) in thickness. The overall finished board thickness is 0.6mm, which allows for a compact form factor in space-constrained designs.

The CLTE-XT PCB supports intricate circuit designs with a minimum trace/space of 4/5 mils and a minimum hole size of 0.4mm. This level of precision enables engineers to create highly dense and efficient circuit layouts.

The via plating thickness of 20 μm ensures reliable electrical connections throughout the board, enhancing signal integrity and minimizing signal loss. The use of immersion silver as the surface finish provides excellent solderability and corrosion resistance.

The CLTE-XT PCB also offers customizable silkscreen options, with a top silkscreen in white and no bottom silkscreen. The top solder mask in green protects the PCB's copper traces while providing visual clarity during assembly and inspection processes.

Additionally, the CLTE-XT PCB undergoes a 100% electrical test before shipment, ensuring the highest level of quality

PCB Statistics:

The CLTE-XT 20mil laminate PCB provides versatility and flexibility with its statistics, accommodating a variety of design requirements. It supports up to 12 components and features a total of 48 pads, including 32 through-hole pads and 16 top surface mount technology (SMT) pads. The absence of bottom SMT pads allows for single-sided assembly, providing additional design freedom and cost optimization.

The board incorporates 56 vias and 2 nets, facilitating efficient signal routing and interconnections between components. The use of the Gerber RS-274-X artwork format ensures seamless manufacturing and compatibility with standard PCB design tools.

The CLTE-XT PCB adheres to the IPC-Class-2 quality standard, ensuring high reliability and performance. This standard guarantees that the PCB meets the required specifications and tolerances for its intended applications.


Typical Applications:

The CLTE-XT 20mil PCB finds extensive applications across various industries, where high-performance and reliable circuit boards are essential. In the automotive sector, the CLTE-XT PCB is well-suited for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). It enables the integration of high-frequency components, such as radar modules and communication systems, to enhance automotive safety and performance.

In wireless communication, the CLTE-XT PCB is ideal for patch antennas and phased array antennas. Its exceptional signal integrity and dimensional stability contribute to improved wireless connectivity and range, making it a preferred choice for applications in 5G networks, satellite communication, and radar systems.

The CLTE-XT PCB is also highly suitable for power amplifiers, where low insertion loss and high reliability are critical. Its ability to withstand high temperatures ensures consistent and efficient performance in demanding power applications.

Other potential applications include aerospace and defense systems, where the CLTE-XT PCB's reliability and performance under extreme conditions are essential. It can be used in satellite systems, avionics, and military communication equipment.


The CLTE-XT PCB 20mil from Rogers represents a significant leap forward in PCB technology, offering exceptional performance, reliability, and dimensional stability. With its unique composition and remarkable features, the CLTE-XT PCB provides engineers and designers with a cutting-edge solution for high-frequency applications. Its low insertion loss, high dimensional stability, and tight dielectric constant tolerance empower electronic manufacturers to create innovative and reliable products across various industries. Whether it's automotive systems, wireless communication, power amplifiers, or aerospace and defense, the CLTE-XT high frequency PCB sets a new standard in performance and reliability. As the demand for advanced electronics continues to grow, the CLTE-XT PCB stands at the forefront, enabling the development of groundbreaking technologies in the ever-evolving landscape of electronics.

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