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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Know More about Rogers RO3210 PCB Laminates

  • February 23. 2022

Know More about Rogers RO3210 PCB Laminates

RO3203™, RO3206™ and RO3210™ high frequency circuit materials are laminated with ceramic fillers reinforced with woven glass cloth. These materials have been developed to provide exceptional electrical and mechanical stability at a competitive price. RO3200™ series materials as an extension of the RO3000® series of high frequency materials have a very significant feature, that is, better mechanical stability.


The dielectric constant of RO3203 high frequency circuit material is 3.02. The dielectric loss of this material is 0.0016, which extends the usable frequency range to 40GHz. The dielectric constant of RO3206 is 6.15, while that of RO3210 is 10.2. The dielectric loss of RO3206 and RO3210 laminates is 0.0027.


Good high frequency performance extends the range of frequencies that can be used beyond 20GHz (RO3203™ laminate)

It is suitable for mixing design of multilayer board with epoxy resin material

The smooth surface of the material makes the etching line more accurate

Typical applications:

Car collision avoidance system

Global positioning satellite dish for automobile

Wireless communication system

Microstrip patch antenna in wireless communication

Direct broadcast satellite antenna

A data connection in a wired system

Remote meter reader

Power back

LMDS and radio broadcasts

Base station infrastructure

Before Making Use of the RO 3210 Laminate should be considered when choosing this laminate for any PCB project:

The thickness and size of the panel

Copper-clad size and type used

Installation space size

Impedance control

Turnaround time

Equipment and manufacturability capability

Compatibility with the requirements of your application

Compatibility of the component

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