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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Rogers RO3010 PCB: The Ultimate Solution for High-Frequency Applications

  • July 07. 2023

Rogers RO3010 PCB: The Ultimate Solution for High-Frequency Applications

When it comes to high-frequency design, choosing the right printed circuit board (PCB) is crucial to achieving unparalleled performance and accuracy. That's where Rogers RO3010 PCB comes in - this advanced material is designed specifically for high-frequency applications, providing the perfect balance of performance and reliability.

Introducing our latest shipment of double-sided RO3010 PCBs, made with Rogers RO3010 material and a lead-free process for eco-friendly operation. With a temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃, this PCB is designed for reliable operation in a range of environments.

The stackup includes a 10mil RO3010 material dielectric layer of (0.254mm) thickness, sandwiched between two base copper layers of 17um + plating. The finished board thickness is 0.42mm, with a finished copper weight of 1.0 oz (1.4 mils) across all layers, and a via plating thickness of 1 mil. The surface finish is Electroless Nickle and Immersion Gold (ENIG), providing excellent corrosion resistance and electrical performance.

10mil RO3010 PCB materials

This PCB measures 80mm x 45mm, +/- 0.15mm, and features a minimum trace/space of 7/8 mils and a minimum hole size of 0.2mm. There are no blind or buried vias, and 100% electrical testing is used to ensure quality and reliability.

Impedance matching is not included in this design, but the PCB statistics show a total of 19 components and 21 pads, with 10 thru-hole pads and 11 top SMT pads. There are no bottom SMT pads, and the PCB includes a total of 21 vias and 7 nets.

Properties of Rogers RO3010 PCB:

With a dielectric constant of 10.2±0.05 at 10 GHz, and a dissipation factor of 0.0022 at the same frequency, Rogers RO3010 PCB offers exceptional electrical performance. It also has superior thermal and dimensional stability, with a thermal coefficient of ε of -395 ppm/℃ and a dimensional stability of 0.35mm in the X direction and 0.31mm in the Y direction. Its moisture absorption is only 0.05%, making it highly resistant to environmental factors that can impact performance.

Design Considerations for Rogers RO3010 PCB:

Designing with Rogers RO3010 PCB requires careful consideration of its properties. The material is compatible with lead-free processes and has a Td of 500℃, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature applications. The coefficient of thermal expansion ranges from 11-16 ppm/℃ in the X, Y, and Z directions, providing excellent stability under thermal stress. Designers should also be aware of the minimum trace/space of 7/8 mils, and the minimum hole size of 0.2mm.

Manufacturing and Assembly of Rogers RO3010 PCB:

Rogers RO3010 PCB is manufactured using advanced processes to ensure consistent quality and performance. It can be assembled using a variety of methods, including surface mount technology and through-hole technology. The material has a copper peel strength of 9.4 Ib/in., making it highly resistant to delamination during manufacturing or assembly.

Applications of Rogers RO3010 PCB:

Rogers RO3010 PCB is ideal for a wide range of high-frequency applications, including power amplifiers, filters, couplers, and antennas. Its exceptional electrical performance and stability make it the perfect choice for applications where accuracy and reliability are crucial.

Comparison with Other High-Frequency PCB Materials:

Compared to other high-frequency PCB materials, Rogers RO3010 PCB offers superior performance and stability. It has a higher dielectric constant than some other materials, but also has better thermal and dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for applications where stability is crucial.

high-frequency PCB materials

Conclusion: Why Rogers RO3010 PCB is the Ultimate Solution for High-Frequency Applications:

Rogers RO3010 PCB offers exceptional performance and stability, making it the ideal choicefor high-frequency applications. Its unique properties and compatibility with lead-free processes make it a standout choice for designers who need the highest level of accuracy and reliability. With precision manufacturing, advanced testing, and quality control, Rogers RO3010 PCB is the future of high-frequency design. Choose Rogers RO3010 PCB and unleash the full potential of your system, achieving unparalleled high-frequency accuracy and performance.

For any technical questions or support, please contact Jane at Order your Rogers RO3010 double-sided PCBs today and experience reliable, high-performance operation for your electronic devices.

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