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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • Megtron6 (M6) Panasonic, High Speed Low Loss Muti-layer PCB materials Arrives.
    • 2021-10-27
    Megtron6 (M6) Panasonic, High Speed Low Loss Muti-layer PCB materials Arrives.

    Megtron6 (M6) Panasonic, High Speed Low Loss Muti-layer PCB materials Arrives. After the delivery of several groups of high-level (18L/16L/14L) back drilling PCB boards last month, we received customer’s higher requirement on this kind of circuit board this month. We’re requested to changes the interior space from the original 6mils to 5.8mils,5 groups back drilling to 8 groups for the 18-Layer bo...

  • Where Are PCB Multi-layer Circuit Boards Used?
    • 2021-12-16

    Summary of the classification of pcb circuit boards, detailed introduction of the use and characteristics of single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, and multi-layer circuit boards. PCB circuit board classification PCB circuit boards are divided into single-sided circuit boards, double-sided circuit boards, and multilayer circuit boards according to the number of superimposed laye...

  • The High-Frequency Multi-Layer Hybrid Board
    • January 11. 2022

    With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, in order to achieve high-speed and high-frequency signal transmission, more and more high-frequency printed circuit boards are used in communication equipment. The dielectric materials used in high-frequency boards have excellent electrical properties and good Chemical stability, then which of the following is its main manifestatio...

  • Ultra-wideband Antenna with Multilayer Dielectric Substrate
    • March 31. 2022

    1. An uWB monopole antenna based on four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) is designed based on the method of resonance of multiple radiating patches in different frequency bands. The antenna is fed by microstrip and has two patches of different sizes on two different planes of the dielectric substrate. In order to realize the miniaturization of the antenna, a multilayer uwb monopole antenna with ...

  • Basic Knowledge of FPC Flexible Circuit Board
    • May 11. 2022

    Basic knowledge of FPC flexible circuit board With the continuous increase of the production ratio of soft PCB and the application and promotion of rigid flexible PCB, it is now more common to add soft, rigid or rigid flexible PCB to say how many layers of FPC it is. Generally, FPC made of soft insulating material is called soft FPC or flexible FPC, rigid flexible compound PCB called rigid flexibl...

  • Taconic RF-10 PCB
    • December 06. 2022

    RF-10 laminates are designed to offer a cost-effective substrate with acceptable delivery times for the industry. RF-10 fills a requirement for size reduction in RF applications. This kind of 60mil RF-10 substrate is used to construct low loss, high DK PCBs. With a sizable region of immersion gold and a partial green solder mask, it is a double layer build-up. With a high dielectric constant (10.2...

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