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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

What Are the Features and Specifications of the AD300D PCB?

  • June 03. 2024

Welcome to the future of Rogers high frequency laminates with the AD300D PCB. Developed by Rogers, a leading name in advanced materials, this ceramic-filled, glass-reinforced PTFE-based laminate is designed to provide exceptional performance, low loss characteristics, and superior passive intermodulation (PIM) response. With its compatibility with standard PTFE fabrication and cost-effective construction, the AD300D PCB 40mil is set to revolutionize the world of electrical and mechanical engineering.

Features that Define Excellence

The AD300D Rogers PCB 40mil boasts remarkable features that elevate its performance to new heights:

1)Controlled dielectric constant:

Experience a well-controlled dielectric constant of 2.94 with an impressive tolerance of -/-0.05 at 10 GHz/23°C. This ensures consistent and reliable signal transmission.

2)Low loss tangent:

With a low loss tangent of 0.0021 at 10GHz and 23°C @ 50% RH, the AD300D PCB 40mil minimizes signal loss and guarantees superior electrical performance.

3)High decomposition temperature:

The laminate's decomposition temperature (Td) surpasses 500°C, ensuring exceptional thermal stability and reliability in demanding environments.

4)Minimal moisture absorption:

With a moisture absorption rate of only 0.04%, the AD300D PCB 40mil maintains its electrical integrity even in high humidity conditions.

5)Controlled coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE):

The AD300D exhibits a CTE of 24 ppm/°C in the X-axis, 23 ppm/°C in the Y-axis, and 98 ppm/°C in the Z-axis, providing excellent dimensional stability and reliability.

6)Low PIM performance:

Achieve remarkable signal purity with an impressive PIM rating of -159dBC at 30mils, ensuring minimal interference and optimal antenna performance.

7)Extended time to delamination:

The AD300D PCB offers a time to delamination exceeding 60 minutes, providing enhanced durability and mechanical strength.


The AD300D 40mil substrate PCB delivers a range of benefits that are crucial for high-frequency applications:

1.Wide range of application use:

Whether it's cellular infrastructure base station antennas, automotive telematics antenna systems, or commercial satellite radio antennas, the AD300D PCB 40mil is versatile and adaptable to various applications.

2.Improved power handling:

Enhanced power handling capabilities ensure efficient energy transfer and increased reliability.

3.Low loss, higher antenna efficiency:

The low loss characteristics of the AD300D PCB 40mil enable higher antenna efficiency, resulting in superior signal quality and improved system performance.

4.Mechanical form retention:

The laminate maintains its mechanical form during handling, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

5.UL 94-V0 flammability:

The AD300D PCB 40mil meets the stringent UL 94-V0 flammability standard, ensuring safety and compliance in critical applications.

6.Excellent dimensional stability:

Experience exceptional dimensional stability, enabling precise and reliable circuit performance in high-frequency environments.

7.Repeatable circuit performance and improved manufacturing yields:

The AD300D PCB 40mil guarantees repeatable circuit performance, leading to improved manufacturing yields and reduced production costs.

AD300D PCB Construction:

The Rogers AD300D PCB 40mil features a 2 layer circuit board stackup, comprising the following layers:

Copper Layer 1: 35 μm

AD300D: 1.016 mm (40mil)

Copper Layer 2: 35 μm

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the AD300D Rogers PCB material 40mil ensures optimal performance for your projects.

Meeting Specifications and Standards:

The AD300D high frequency PCB adheres to the following construction details and industry standards:

Board dimensions: 61.32mm x 21.92 mm, with a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 0.15mm.

Minimum Trace/Space: Achieve fine circuitry with a minimum trace/space of 4/4 mils.

Minimum Hole Size: Ensure precision with a minimum hole size of 0.3mm.

No Blind vias: The AD300D PCB 40mil follows a standard vias configuration.

Finished board thickness: 1.1mm, ensuring robustness and reliability.

Finished Cu weight: Outer layers feature a 1oz (1.4 mils) copper weight, ensuring optimal conductivity.

Via plating thickness: 20 μm, guaranteeing efficient signal transfer.

Surface finish: Enjoy superior surface quality with immersion gold, ensuring excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Top Silkscreen: Black, providing clear and legible markings for component placement and identification.

Bottom Silkscreen: Absent, ensuring a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Top Solder Mask: No, allowing for efficient soldering and assembly processes.

Bottom Solder Mask: No, offeringmaximum flexibility for customization and specific application requirements.

100% Electrical test: Each AD300D PCB 40mil undergoes a rigorous 100% electrical test before shipment, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

ExploringAD300DPCB Statistics:

The AD300D 40mil material PCB boasts the following statistics, showcasing its robust design and versatility:

Components: 12, allowing for intricate circuitry and diverse functionality.

Total Pads: 28, offering ample connectivity options for your designs.

Thru Hole Pads: 19, facilitating secure and stable connections with through-hole components.

Top SMT Pads: 9, enabling efficient placement of surface-mount components on the top layer.

Bottom SMT Pads: 0, ensuring a simplified and streamlined design on the bottom layer.

Vias: 27, providing convenient interconnection between different layers and maximizing routing options.

Nets: 2, enabling organized and efficient signal flow throughout the PCB.

Artwork Standards and Global Availability:

The AD300D 40mil Rogers substrate PCB accepts Gerber RS-274-X artwork, a widely recognized industry standard for PCB designs. With its global availability, the AD300D PCB 40mil can be accessed and utilized by engineers and manufacturers worldwide.

Typical Applications

The AD300D PCB 40mil finds its place in various high-frequency applications, including:

1.Cellular infrastructure base station antennas:

Experience superior signal transmission and efficiency in cellular infrastructure deployments, ensuring reliable communication networks.

2.Automotive telematics antenna systems:

Enable seamless and reliable telematics connectivity in vehicles, enhancing safety, navigation, and entertainment features.

3.Commercial satellite radio antennas:

Achieve optimal performance and signal quality in commercial satellite radio systems, delivering uninterrupted audio entertainment to listeners.


In summary, the AD300D PCB 40mil stands as a testament to Rogers' commitment to innovation and excellence. With its exceptional features, benefits, and construction details, this high-frequency circuit board offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility for a wide range of applications. Experience the future of high-frequency engineering with the Rogers AD300D PCB .

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