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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

Why RF-35 PCB is the Preferred Choice for Moisture-Sensitive Environments?

  • August 24. 2023
Introducing our Newly Shipped PCB: High-Quality 2-Layer 10mil RF-35 Rigid PCB

The newly shipped PCB is a high-quality 2-layer rigid 10mil RF-35 printed circuit board designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications. With its exceptional materials, construction details, and adherence to industry standards, this10mil RF-35PCB offers reliable performance and excellent functionality. Whether you're a professional engineer or an electronics enthusiast,10mil RF-35 PCB is the ideal choice for your projects.

10mil RF-35 printed circuit board

PCB Material:

Made with Taconic RF-35, an advanced organic ceramic PTFE fiberglass material with a DK (Dielectric Constant) of 3.5.

Manufactured using a lead-free process, ensuring environmental friendliness.

Designed for operation in a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃, making it suitable for various environments and applications.


The 10mil Taconic RF-35 PCB features a 2-layer stackup configuration, providing a compact and efficient design solution.

The stackup includes a 35um finished copper layer, a 10 mil (0.254mm) RF-35 dielectric layer, and another 35um finished copper layer for enhanced conductivity and signal integrity.

Construction Details:

Board dimensions: Measuring 48mm x 80.12mm,RF-35 offers a compact form factor with precise dimensions of ±0.15mm.

Minimum Trace/Space: The RF-35 PCB supports trace widths and spacing as low as 5/4 mils, enabling intricate circuit designs.

Minimum Hole Size: With a minimum hole size of 0.25mm, the PCB accommodates various component types and facilitates easy assembly.

No blind or buried vias: The PCB does not incorporate blind or buried vias, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs.

Finished board thickness: The RF-35 PCB has a finished thickness of 0.3mm, ensuring a slim and lightweight design.

Finished Cu weight: With a 1 oz (1.4 mils) copper weight on all layers, the PCB guarantees excellent electrical conductivity.

Via plating thickness: The vias are plated with a 1 mil thickness, ensuring reliable connections between layers.

Surface finish: The RF-35 PCB features an immersion silver surface finish, providing a smooth and corrosion-resistant surface for optimal performance.

Silkscreen: The RF-35 PCB does not include top or bottom silkscreen or silkscreen on solder pads, offering a clean and professional appearance.

Electrical test: Each RF-35 PCB undergoes a 100% electrical test to ensure its functionality and quality.

PCB Statistics:

Components: The RF-35 PCB supports up to 7 components, allowing for versatile circuit designs.

Total Pads: With 21 pads in total, theRF-35 PCB provides ample space for component connections.

Thru Hole Pads: The PCB features 12 thru-hole pads, enabling the integration of various through-hole components.

Top SMT Pads: It offers 9 top surface mount technology (SMT) pads for convenient SMT component placement.

Bottom SMT Pads: There are no bottom SMT pads onRF-35 PCB, providing a single-sided SMT assembly option.

Vias: TheRF-35 PCB includes 16 vias, facilitating interconnection between different layers.

Nets: Supporting 3 nets,10MILRF-35 PCB allows for efficient signal routing.

Artwork and Standards:

Artwork Format: The RF-35 PCB accepts Gerber RS-274-X artwork files, ensuring compatibility with standard PCB design software.

Accepted Standard: Designed to meet the IPC-Class-2 standard, the PCB meets industry specifications for quality and reliability.

10mil RF-35 material PCB

Welcome to the future of high-frequency applications, where RF-35 PCB reigns supreme. In this article, we will explore the properties, advantages, and features of RF-35 PCB, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.  Let's dive into the world of RF-35 PCB and discover why it is the ultimate choice for cutting-edge electronic technologies.

Exploring the Properties of RF-35 PCB:

The Impressive Dielectric Constant of RF-35 PCB

10mil RF-35 material PCB boasts a dielectric constant of 3.5, making it ideal for high-frequency applications that require low signal loss and excellent signal integrity.

Moisture Absorption: A Key Feature of RF-35 PCB

With a moisture absorption rate of just 0.02%, RF-35 PCB is the perfect solution for moisture-sensitive environments. It ensures optimal performance even in humid conditions.

Peel Strength: What Makes RF-35 PCB Exceptional

RF-35 PCB exhibits peel strength greater than 8.0 lbs./linear inch, ensuring the reliability and longevity of complex circuitry and components.

The Significance of Dielectric Breakdown in RF-35 PCB

RF-35 PCB boasts a dielectric breakdown strength of 41 kV, offering exceptional insulation properties and protection against electrical currents.

Exploring the Impressive Thermal Conductivity of RF-35 PCB

With a thermal conductivity of 0.24 W/m/K, RF-35 PCB efficiently dissipates heat, preventing thermal issues and ensuring optimal performance.

Flexural Strength: A Crucial Factor in RF-35 PCB Performance

RF-35 PCB exhibits flexural strength greater than 22,000 psi, providing structural integrity and resistance against bending or deformation.

Surface and Volume Resistivity: Ensuring Electrical Stability

RF-35 PCB offers surface resistivity of 1.46 x 108 Mohm and volume resistivity of 1.26 x 109 Mohm/cm, ensuring consistent electrical conductivity and stability.

Dimensional Stability: Why it Matters in RF-35 PCB

RF-35 PCB demonstrates exceptional dimensional stability, with a lengthwise stability of 0.00004 in/in and crosswise stability of -0.0001 in/in, ensuring precise and reliable performance.

Flammability and Safety Features: Making RF-35 PCB a Reliable Choice

RF-35 PCB is rated V-0 in flammability tests, ensuring its safety and reliability in various electronic applications.


RF-35 PCB is the future of high-frequency applications, offering impressive properties such as dielectric constant, moisture absorption, peel strength, and thermal conductivity. [Call to action] Embrace the power of RF-35 PCB and unlock the potential of your electronic technologies. Contact us today to learn more aboutTaconicRF-35 PCB and how it can revolutionize your industry.

Our PCB services are available worldwide, allowing customers from all regions to benefit from our high-quality products.

For any technical questions or further information, please feel free to contact Jane at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting and utilizing Taconic RF-35 PCB for your specific application needs. Choose our newly shipped PCB and experience superior performance, reliability, and ease of integration in your electronic projects.

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