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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB

40mil AD255C PCB: The PCB that Takes Your Project to the Next Level

  • August 01. 2023
PCBs are the backbone of modern electronics, and their importance cannot be overstated. With the newly shipped 40mil AD255C high frequency PCB, you can take your project to the next level. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of AD255C PCB that make it the best choice for your project.

Introducing our newest addition to our PCB line, the 2-layer rigid AD255C PCB made from AD255C Woven Glass Reinforced PTFE with a DK of 2.55. This PCB is ideal for a variety of applications with its lead-free process and -40℃ to +85℃ operating temperature range.

The construction details of this 40mil AD255C PCB are as follows: it has dimensions of 78.58mm x 60.16mm with a finished board thickness of 1.14mm. The minimum trace/space is 3/4 mils and the minimum hole size is 0.3mm. This PCB has a finished copper weight of 1 oz (1.4 mils) all layers and a via plating thickness of 1 mil. The surface finish is immersion gold with a top solder mask in green and no bottom solder mask. There is no silkscreen on solder pads, and 100% electrical testing is used.

40mil Rogers AD255C Antenna PCB

The newly shipped AD255C PCB has 27 components, 41 total pads, 22 thru-hole pads, 19 top SMT pads, 0 bottom SMT pads, 31 vias, and 3 nets. The artwork supplied is Gerber RS-274-X, and the PCB is manufactured to IPC-Class-2 standard.

Electrical Properties of AD255C PCB

The AD255C PCB boasts excellent electrical properties, with a PIM of -159/-163 dBc and a dielectric constant of 2.55. The dissipation factor of AD255C PCB is 0.0013, and it has a volume resistivity of 7.4 x 108 Mohm-cm and surface resistivity of 3.6 x 107 Mohm. The electrical strength of AD255C PCB is 911 V/mil, and it has a dielectric breakdown of over 40 kV.

Thermal Properties of AD255C PCB

The Rogers AD255C PCB has outstanding thermal properties, with a decomposition temperature of over 500°C and a thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of -110 ppm/ºC. The coefficient of thermal expansion for x-axis is 34 ppm/˚C, for y-axis is 26 ppm/˚C, and for z-axis is 196 ppm/˚C. The thermal conductivity of AD255C PCB is 0.35 W/mK, and it has a time to delamination of over 60 minutes at 288°C.

Mechanical Properties of AD255C PCB

The AD255C PCB has remarkable mechanical properties, with a copper peel strength of 2.4 (13.6) N/mm after thermal stress. It has a flexural strength of 8.8/6.4 MPa (MD/CMD) and a tensile strength of 8.1/6.6 MPa (MD/CMD). The flex modulus of AD255C PCB is 930/818 MPa (MD/CMD), and its dimensional stability is 0.03/0.07 mils/inch after etch+bake.

Physical Properties of AD255C PCB

The AD255C PCB has a flammability rating of V-0 and a moisture absorption rate of 0.03%. Its density is 2.28 g/cm3 and its specific heat capacity is 0.813 J/g°K.

Advantages of AD255C PCB

The AD255C PCB has several advantages over traditional PCBs. Its outstanding electrical properties make it perfect for use in high-frequency applications. Its excellent thermal properties make it suitable foruse in high-temperature environments. The mechanical strength of AD255C PCB makes it resilient and durable, while its physical properties make it safe and reliable. Overall, AD255C PCB is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of electronic projects.

Applications of AD255C PCB

AD255C PCB is ideal for applications where high performance and reliability are crucial. It is suitable for use in telecommunications, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and other industries. Its exceptional electrical properties make it ideal for use in high-frequency circuits, while its thermal and mechanical properties make it useful in harsh and demanding environments.

Comparison of AD255C PCB with Other PCBs

Compared to other PCBs on the market, AD255C PCB offers superior performance and reliability. Its electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties are unmatched, and its physical properties make it safe and dependable. Its versatility and wide range of applications make it the best choice for any project that requires high performance and reliability.

40mil AD255C material PCB

User Feedback on AD255C PCB

Users who have utilized AD255C PCB have provided positive feedback on its performance and reliability. They have praised its electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, as well as its physical properties. Many users have reported that AD255C PCB has exceeded their expectations and has become their preferred choice for future projects.

Conclusion: Why AD255C PCB is the Best Choice

In conclusion, AD255C PCB is the future of high frequency PCB technology. Its outstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, as well as its physical properties, make it the best choice for any project that requires high performance and reliability. Its versatility, wide range of applications, and positive user feedback make it a clear winner among other PCBs on the market. Experience the power of AD255C PCB and take your project to the next level.

This 40mil AD255C material PCB is available for service worldwide, and for any technical questions, please contact Jane at Upgrade your projects with our reliable and high-quality 2-layer rigid AD255C PCB now!

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