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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • Rogers TMM6 Microwave HF Board Material
    • May 06. 2022

    Rogers TMM 6 Microwave high frequency board material has isotropic dielectric constant (Dk). Like other TMM series materials, Rogers TMM 6 combines many of the desirable properties of ceramic and PTFE substrates and utilizes simple flexible plate machining techniques. Rogers TMM6 Thermosetting MICROWAVE HF board materials are designed for ribbon-line and microstrip line applications with high reli...

  • The Main Concern You Will Find on Introduction of Rogers RO4000 Series Material
    • June 01. 2022

    The Introduction of Rogers RO4000 Series Material Rogers' RO4000 series of hydrocarbon and ceramic packed laminates and semi-cured sheets offer industry-leading high frequency performance and low circuit processing costs, a material that is compatible with FR-4 processing processes, including PCB multilayer structures, without the need for special hole pretreatments similar to sodium etching. The ...

  • Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials
    • June 21. 2022

    Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials RO3000 series circuit board material models: RO3003, RO3006, RO3010 and RO3035 high frequency laminate RO3000 high frequency circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite for commercial microwave and RF circuits. RO3000 family of products is a circuit board material with electrical characteristics and mechanical stabil...

  • PTFE Microstrip Microwave Circuit Board
    • June 29. 2022

    PTFE Microstrip Microwave Circuit Board ROGERS' RT/duroid high frequency circuit board material is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sheet filled with ceramic or random glass fiber laminates with low dielectric loss, low water absorption, and dielectric constant that varies with frequency Stability and other advantages, can be widely used in high reliability, aerospace and defense applications. Rec...

  • Aluminum Base Circuit Board PCB for LED
    • July 21. 2022

    Aluminum Base Circuit Board PCB for LED  While many conventional PCBs provide excellent functionality, not all PCBs are suitable for LED applications. For optimum performance in lighting applications, PCBs for LEDs must be designed to maximize heat transfer capabilities. Aluminum-based circuit boards provide a versatile foundation for a variety of high-output LED applications, and LED li...

  • What's a reliable alternative RF material?--F4B High Frequency PCB
    • July 27. 2022

    F4B High Frequency PCB F4B (PTFE based) is a reliable alternative RF material for antenna, filter and power amplifier. This is a brand of Chinese material which has advantages in price and volume production. Today we talk about high frequency circuit board built on Wangling's F4B substrates. F4B series high frequency materials are Wangling's products of PTFE woven glass fabric. Today, we'll l...

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