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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • TMM Series Laminate Materials
    • December 30. 2021

    TMM Series Laminate Materials TMM series temperature stable microwave composite circuit board materials are thermosetting resin polymer composite materials filled with ceramic powder, specially designed for high-reliability stripline and microstrip line applications. TMM series laminate materials are suitable for a wide dielectric constant Scope and surface coating requirements. The electrical and...

  • Do you know more about Rogers TMM Series PCB?
    • September 28. 2022

    Do you know more about Rogers TMM Series PCB? Rogers TMM thermoset microwave materials are hydrocarbon ceramics and thermoset polymers composites specifically designed for strip-line and microstrip applications. TMM comes in various claddings and dielectric constants. TMM laminates feature some mechanical and electrical properties that make them ideal for several applications. TMM has an excellent...

  • TMM10 High Frequency PCB
    • March 29. 2023

    TMM10 High Frequency PCB Today, we are going to discuss about a type of thermoset microwave material ----TMM10 PCB. Rogers TMM 10 PCB is a ceramic thermoset polymer composite designed for high PTH hole reliability on strip-line and micro-strip applications. It offers the benefits of both PTFE and ceramic based substrates, but is not limited by the same mechanical properties and production techniqu...

  • How does the TMM10 PCB compare to other motor controller boards?
    • May 18. 2023

    How does the TMM10 PCB compare to other motor controller boards? The TMM10 printed circuit board is used to control the speed and direction of a motor. It is commonly used in robotics, automation, and other industrial applications. The TMM10 PCB is designed to work with the TMM10 motor controller chip, which is a high-performance motor controller that can drive up to 10 amps of current. The Follow...

  • TMM10i High frequency PCB : A Comprehensive and Innovative Solution for High-Frequency Applications
    • March 08. 2024

    Introduction: The TMM10i PCB is an exceptional product that revolutionizes the field of high-frequency applications. Designed with Rogers TMM 10i isotropic thermoset microwave material, this PCB offers a unique combination of ceramic and PTFE substrate features, making it ideal for strip-line and micro-strip applications. With its isotropic dielectric constant (Dk) and soft substrate processing te...

  • Rogers TMM10 PCB 20mil -What is the dielectric constant of TMM10?
    • April 22. 2024

    Introduction: Rogers TMM10 thermoset microwave material revolutionizes the world of high-frequency circuitry with its exceptional properties and reliability. Combining the advantages of PTFE and ceramic-based substrates, TMM10 offers unparalleled mechanical strength and production flexibility. In this comprehensive blog, we delve into the deep and informative details of TMM10 PCB, exploring its fe...

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