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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • TMM Series Laminate Materials
    • December 30. 2021

    TMM Series Laminate Materials TMM series temperature stable microwave composite circuit board materials are thermosetting resin polymer composite materials filled with ceramic powder, specially designed for high-reliability stripline and microstrip line applications. TMM series laminate materials are suitable for a wide dielectric constant Scope and surface coating requirements. The electrical and...

  • Know More about Rogers RO3210 PCB Laminates
    • February 23. 2022

    Know More about Rogers RO3210 PCB Laminates RO3203™, RO3206™ and RO3210™ high frequency circuit materials are laminated with ceramic fillers reinforced with woven glass cloth. These materials have been developed to provide exceptional electrical and mechanical stability at a competitive price. RO3200™ series materials as an extension of the RO3000® series of high frequency materials have a ver...

  • Ultra-wideband Antenna with Multilayer Dielectric Substrate
    • March 31. 2022

    1. An uWB monopole antenna based on four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) is designed based on the method of resonance of multiple radiating patches in different frequency bands. The antenna is fed by microstrip and has two patches of different sizes on two different planes of the dielectric substrate. In order to realize the miniaturization of the antenna, a multilayer uwb monopole antenna with ...

  • Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials
    • June 21. 2022

    Rogers RO3000 Series Dielectric Constant High Frequency Circuit Materials RO3000 series circuit board material models: RO3003, RO3006, RO3010 and RO3035 high frequency laminate RO3000 high frequency circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite for commercial microwave and RF circuits. RO3000 family of products is a circuit board material with electrical characteristics and mechanical stabil...

  • Some Resons For Using RT/duroid 5870 Printed Circuit Board
    • August 17. 2022

    RT/duroid 5870 Printed Circuit Board Hello everyone, Today, we’re going to talk about high frequency PCB built on RT/duroid 5870 laminates. RT/duroid 5870 is glass microfiber reinforced PTFE composite of Rogers Corporation, which is designed for exacting stripline and microstrip circuit applications. There’re some reasons for using RT/duroid 5870 material. The first one is lowest electrical loss a...

  • The Introduction for High Frequency PCB Built on RO4003C Laminates
    • August 25. 2022

    RO4003C High Frequency PCB We’re going to introduce high frequency PCB built on RO4003C laminates. RO4003C high frequency materials are woven glass reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic-filled laminates produced by Rogers Corporation. It has the similar electrical properties of PTFE/woven glass and manufacturability of epoxy resin materials. RO4003C materials are designed to offer superior high frequency...

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