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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • RT/duroid 6002 High Frequency PCB
    • November 01. 2023

    RT/duroid 6002 High Frequency PCB   Overview In this article, we will discuss the high frequency PCB created using RT/duroid 6002 material. Rogers RT/duroid 6002 material is a preferred choice for PTFE-based ceramic composites. It is a low loss and low dielectric constant laminate that meets the rigorous requirements for mechanical reliability and electrical stability in complex microwave str...

  • RO3006 High Frequency PCB Rogers 3006 50mil Material
    • November 13. 2023

    Introduction Today, we delve into the realm of high frequency PCBs, specifically those built on the RO3006 cutting-edge material. Rogers RO3006 printed circuit boards are composed of ceramic-filled PTFE composites that offer remarkable electrical and mechanical stability at a competitive price. These boards are designed to excel in commercial microwave and RF applications. Key Properties of RO3006...

  • RO4725JXR antenna grade PCB: A Breakthrough in Performance and Efficiency
    • November 21. 2023

    Introduction Today, we will explore the exciting breakthrough in antenna design with the RO4725JXR antenna grade PCB. In the realm of antenna design, selecting the right material is a challenging task. Fortunately, the RO4725JXR antenna grade laminates offer a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional PTFE-based laminates that have long been used in antenna design. With exceptional mechani...

  • RO4534 PCB 20mil: Unleashing the Power of Low Loss and High Performance
    • December 20. 2023

    Introduction: In the realm of advanced circuitry, the RO4534 PCB 20mil emerges as a cutting-edge solution, revolutionizing the field with its superior characteristics and exceptional performance. Engineered with Rogers' renowned RO4534 Ceramic-filled, Glass-reinforced Hydrocarbon Laminates, this PCB sets new standards in terms of low loss, low dielectric constant, and high thermal conductivity. Wi...

  • RO3006 PCB 25mil - The Perfect Choice for High-Frequency Applications
    • January 17. 2024

    Introduction: In the world of printed circuit boards (PCBs), choosing the right material is crucial for achieving optimal performance. One material that stands out from the rest is the RO3006 PCB 25mil. Manufactured by Rogers Corporation, this PCB is specifically designed to offer exceptional electrical and mechanical stability, making it the ideal choice for high-frequency applications. In this b...

  • TU-768 PCB 0.8mm - High-Tg and High Thermal Reliability Laminate
    • March 08. 2024

    Introduction: The TU-768 material PCB is an exceptional high-Tg (glass transition temperature) and high thermal reliability laminate developed by Taiwan Union. It is accompanied by the TU-768P matching prepreg, offering a comprehensive solution for your PCB needs. The TU-768 laminate sand prepregs are crafted from top-quality woven E-glass coated with an epoxy resin system. This combination provid...

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