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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • Rogers RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM PCB
    • February 01. 2023

    Rogers RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM PCB PCB material is primarily used in electronic and microwave circuits. Its performance has a significant impact on the circuit system's signal transmission speed, energy loss, and characteristic impedance. Rogers Corporation, a well-known material supplier, has introduced RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM, a high performance microwave PCB material. It is made of cera...

  • Rogers RO3035 high frequency PCB
    • February 14. 2023

    Rogers RO3035 high frequency circuit materials are PTFE composites filled with ceramic and designed for use in RF and commercial microwave applications. It was created to provide mechanical and electrical stability at affordable prices. They boast circuit materials with consistent mechanical properties regardless of dielectric constant selection. This enables the designer to create multilayer boar...

  • Are you Looking for Rogers 6002 High Frequency PCB?
    • February 15. 2023

    Are you Looking for Rogers 6002 High Frequency PCB? There are some useful information for the Rogers 6002 PCB for your reference. Rogers is well-known for producing high-quality circuit materials that meet the demands of today's high-reliability designs. Rogers 6002 is the first laminate with a low dielectric constant (Dk) that provides the mechanical and electrical properties required to construc...

  • Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB Materials
    • March 01. 2023

    There is a type of antenna grade high frequency PCB---RO4730G3 high frequency PCB. Rogers' RO4730G3 high frequency PCB materials are reliable antenna-grade laminates, fully compatible with conventional FR-4 and high temperature lead-free solder processing. They are an affordable low-cost alternative material to conventional PTFE-based antenna substrates, allowing for designers to optimize cost and...

  • Why Should You Go with Rogers Printed Circuit Boards?
    • March 08. 2023

    Rogers PCB is a high-frequency board made from raw materials produced by Rogers. It differs from standard PCB boards in that it contains epoxy resin (FR4). It does not have a glass fiber in the middle and the high-frequency material is a ceramic base. Rogers has a higher dielectric constant and is more stable at high temperatures. Its dielectric constant thermal expansion coefficient is very simil...

  • Taconic Laminate Types
    • March 09. 2023

    Taconic provides a number of high-frequency laminates. Each of these laminates has exceptional properties and benefits. Let us take a look at the various Taconic laminates that are available. Taconic RF-35 PCB Taconic offers this type of laminate. This laminate is made of ceramic and reinforced with woven glass. It is best suited for high-performance applications such as antennas, power amplifiers...

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