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20 mil RO4003C PCB

What's RF-35A2 PCB Features and Benefits?

  • May 14. 2024
Introduction of RF-35A2

RF-35A2 laminate is a cutting-edge printed circuit board (PCB) designed specifically for high-frequency applications. Engineered with an ultra-low fiberglass content, RF-35A2 achieves "best in class" insertion loss properties and maintains a homogeneous dielectric constant throughout the laminate. This advanced composition ensures exceptional signal integrity and reliability, making RF-35A2 PCB the ideal choice for demanding RF and microwave circuits.

In addition to its outstanding electrical properties, RF-35A 25mil material exhibits a uniform dispersion of ceramic materials, resulting in extremely low coefficients of thermal expansion along the x and y axes. This unique feature, combined with its low modulus, makes RF-35A2 an excellent material for the surface mounting of chip carriers, further enhancing its versatility and applicability.

Manufactured using a proprietary multi-step process, RF-35A2 Substrate not only offers superior dielectric properties but also boasts excellent copper peel adhesion. With a dissipation factor as low as 0.0015 at 10 GHz, this PCB enables maximum power transfer and minimizes heat generation, ensuring optimal performance even under high-frequency and high-power conditions.

Taconic RF-35A2 PCB


Taconic RF-35A2 comes with an array of features that set it apart in the realm of high-frequency PCBs:

1.Ultra Low Loss Power Amplifier Substrate:

RF-35A2 is specifically designed to provide exceptional signal transmission with minimal loss, making it an ideal choice for high-performance power amplifiers.

2.Dielectric Constant (Dk) of 3.5 at 10 GHz:

The homogeneous dielectric constant of RF-35A2 ensures consistent electrical characteristics throughout the entire board, enabling precise signal propagation and minimizing signal distortion.

3.Dissipation Factor of 0.0015 at 10 GHz/23°C:

RF-35A2's ultra-low dissipation factor allows for efficient power transfer and reduces heat generation, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

4.X-CTE of 10 ppm/°C, Y-CTE of 13 ppm/°C, Z-CTE of 108 ppm/°C:

The low coefficients of thermal expansion in RF-35A2 provide excellent dimensional stability, minimizing the risk of delamination and ensuring consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures.

5.Peel Strength (1 oz. VLP) of 12 lbs/in:

RF-35A2 exhibits exceptional copper peel strength, ensuring reliable adhesion between the copper foil and the substrate, even in demanding environments.

6.Td of 528°C:

RF-35A2 is capable of withstanding high-temperature applications, ensuring its suitability for a wide range of industries and environments.

7.Moisture Absorption of 0.03%:

With its low moisture absorption rate, RF-35A2 offers excellent reliability and stability, even in high-humidity conditions.


Using RF-35A2 as the foundation for your high-frequency circuits provides several key benefits:

1.Low Loss Properties:

RF-35A2's ultra-low loss characteristics enable precise signal transmission and ensure minimal signal degradation, resulting in improved overall system performance.

2.Dk Tolerance of ±0.05:

The homogeneous dielectric constant, coupled with a tight tolerance of ±0.05, guarantees consistent electrical properties throughout the PCB, allowing for accurate design and predictable performance.

3.Homogeneous Dk:

RF-35A2 maintains a uniform dielectric constant, eliminating variations that can lead to impedance mismatches and signal integrity issues.

4.Excellent Peel Strength:

The superior copper peel adhesion of RF-35A2 ensures the reliability and durability of the PCB, even in demanding applications and harsh environments.

5.Low Moisture Absorption:

RF-35A2's minimal moisture absorption rate ensures the stability and long-term performance of the PCB, making it ideal for applications subjected to humidity and moisture.

6.Ease of Drilling:

RF-35A2 is highly machinable, allowing for precise drilling and easy fabrication, facilitating the manufacturing process and reducing production time.

PCB Stackup: 2-layer rigid PCB

2-layer RF-35A2 is available as a rigid PCB with the following stackup:

Copper_layer_1: 35 μm

RF-35A2: 0.127 mm (5mil)

Copper_layer_2: 35 μm

This stackup provides a balanced design that ensures optimal signal integrity and efficient power distribution.

PCB Construction Details

RF-35A2 PCBs are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and come with the following construction details:

Board Dimensions: The PCB dimensions are precisely controlled, with an accuracy of 76.04mm x 33.18mm (±0.15mm), ensuring compatibility with various electronic devices and applications.

Minimum Trace/Space: RF-35A2 supports a minimum trace width and spacing of 5/5 mils, allowing for intricate and compact designs while maintaining signal integrity.

Minimum Hole Size: The minimumhole size supported by RF-35A2 PCBs is 0.45mm, enabling the use of smaller components and ensuring efficient routing.

No Blind Vias: RF-35A2 PCBs do not include blind vias, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing production costs.

Finished Board Thickness: The finished thickness of RF-35A2 PCBs is 0.25mm, providing a slim profile for space-constrained applications.

Finished Cu Weight: The outer layers of RF-35A2 PCBs feature a finished copper weight of 1 oz (1.4 mils), striking a balance between conductivity and weight.

Via Plating Thickness: RF-35A2 PCBs come with a via plating thickness of 20 μm, ensuring reliable signal interconnection and maximizing electrical performance.

Surface Finish: To enhance performance and protect the PCB, RF-35A2 PCBs are finished with immersion silver, which provides excellent solderability and corrosion resistance.

Top Silkscreen and Bottom Silkscreen: RF-35A2 PCBs do not include top or bottom silkscreen, allowing for a clean and minimalist appearance while maintaining functionality.

Top and Bottom Solder Mask: RF-35A2 PCBs do not feature top or bottom solder mask, offering flexibility for specific applications where solder mask is not required.

100% Electrical Test: Each RF-35A2 PCB undergoes a rigorous 100% electrical test prior to shipment, ensuring that every board meets the required specifications.

PCB Statistics

RF-35A 25mil PCBs exhibit the following statistics:

Components: RF-35A2 PCBs support up to 23 components, providing flexibility for various circuit designs.

Total Pads: There are a total of 56 pads available on RF-35A2 PCBs, allowing for efficient component placement and interconnection.

Thru-Hole Pads: RF-35A2 PCBs feature 45 thru-hole pads, enabling the use of traditional through-hole components.

Top SMT Pads: RF-35A2 PCBs accommodate 11 surface-mount technology (SMT) pads on the top layer, facilitating the integration of SMT components.

Bottom SMT Pads: RF-35A2 PCBs do not include bottom SMT pads, making them suitable for single-sided SMT assembly or mixed technology designs.

Vias: RF-35A2 PCBs incorporate 24 vias, providing essential interconnection between different layers and ensuring reliable signal transmission.

Nets: RF-35A2 PCBs support 2 nets, allowing for efficient routing and interconnection of signals.


Type of Artwork Supplied: Gerber RS-274-X

RF-35A2 PCBs utilize Gerber RS-274-X files for the artwork, ensuring compatibility with standard PCB design software and facilitating the manufacturing process.

Accepted Standard: IPC-Class-2

RF-35A2 PCBs adhere to the widely recognized IPC-Class-2 standard, ensuring high-quality manufacturing and reliable performance.

Availability: Worldwide

RF-35A 25mil substrate PCBs are available for purchase worldwide, making them accessible to customers and manufacturers across the globe.

Some Typical Applications

RF-35A2 PCBs find application in a wide range of industries and electronic devices, including:

1.Power Amplifiers:

RF-35A2's low-loss properties and high-frequency capabilities make it an excellent choice for power amplifier designs, enabling efficient and reliable amplification of signals.


With its exceptional signal integrity and precise electrical characteristics, RF-35A2 PCBs are ideal for the construction of filters and couplers, ensuring accurate frequency response and minimal insertion loss.

3.High-Speed Digital:

RF-35A2 supports high-speed digital circuits, allowing for the transmission of data at ultra-high frequencies with minimal signal degradation and reliable performance.

4.Passive Components:

RF-35A2 PCBs provide a reliable platform for passive components such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors, ensuring optimal electrical performance and stability.

5.Wireless Antennas:

RF-35A2's low-loss properties and excellent signal transmission capabilities make it an excellent substrate material for wireless antennas, enabling efficient and reliable wireless communication.


In conclusion, RF-35A2 high frequency PCBs revolutionize high-frequency electronics with their ultra-low loss properties, homogeneous dielectric constant, and exceptional thermal stability. With a wide range of features, benefits, and applications,Taconic RF-35A2 PCBs are the go-to choice for demanding RF and microwave circuits, power amplifiers, filters, high-speed digital designs, passive components, and wireless antennas. Embrace the future of high-frequency electronics with RF-35A2 PCB, where performance and reliability meet innovation.

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