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20 mil RO4003C PCB
20 mil RO4003C PCB
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  • Why Do You Choose the Rogers RO4533 PCB
    • February 08. 2023

    Why Do You Choose the Rogers RO4533 PCB Rogers RO4533 is a ceramic-filled laminate with glass hydrocarbon-based reinforcement. This laminate has excellent mechanical and electrical properties, making it ideal for antenna designs. The 4500 series PCB includes Rogers RO4533 laminates. This circuit material has many advantages that make it suitable for use across a wide frequency range. Rogers 4...

  • Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCBs
    • February 07. 2023

    Rogers RO3210 High Frequency PCBs  The high frequency circuit materials used by Rogers RO3210 are ceramic-filled laminates reinforced with woven fiberglass. These materials are designed to provide exceptional electrical performance as well as mechanical stability. RO3210 laminates combine the surface smoothness of a non-woven PTFE laminate with the strength of a woven PTFE laminate. Because t...

  • What is Rogers RO3010 High Frequency PCB ?
    • February 03. 2023

    What is Rogers RO3010 High Frequency PCB ? The Rogers RO3010 laminates are high-quality goods with affordable pricing that exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical stability. Because of its stability, the design of the broadband components may be made simpler, allowing materials to be used in a variety of applications across a large frequency range. The qualities of this substance make the RO30...

  • Rogers RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM PCB
    • February 01. 2023

    Rogers RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM PCB PCB material is primarily used in electronic and microwave circuits. Its performance has a significant impact on the circuit system's signal transmission speed, energy loss, and characteristic impedance. Rogers Corporation, a well-known material supplier, has introduced RT/duroid 6006 and 6010.2LM, a high performance microwave PCB material. It is made of cera...

  • Rogers AD250C - A New Microwave PCB Material
    • January 11. 2023

    Rogers AD250C - A New Microwave PCB Material Check out the Rogers AD250C if you're seeking for a new microwave PCB material. This dielectric-layered, ceramic hydrocarbon-based microwave high-frequency PCB material is reasonably priced. Let's examine this content in more detail. Why is it so successful? Let's proceed with it now. Insulating layer made by Rogers AD250C You can combine FR-4 and a rob...

  • Acquire Knowledge of Rogers 5880 Laminated PCB Materials
    • January 10. 2023

    Acquire Knowledge of Rogers 5880 Laminated PCB Materials Rogers 5880 laminated materials are produced using the same superior, dependable materials and techniques as Rogers, earning Rogers significant recognition from high-frequency material producers. The PCB's dielectric qualities play a key role in some designs. Power management is essential for all applications, whether high-speed, RF, microwa...

  • Rogers 4003 PCB High Frequency Printed Circuit board
    • January 06. 2023

    Rogers 4003 PCB High Frequency Printed Circuit board The basic components of Rogers 4003 are hydrocarbons and filled ceramics. The dielectric constant for Rogers 4003 is 3.55. High-frequency PCBs made of Rogers 4003 have good consistency and stability. As a member of the 4000 series, Rogers 4003 material can be pressed using Rogers 4003 in place of FR4. The Rogers 4003 prepreg suggests using RO445...

  • Why Choose Rogers Printed Circuit Boards?
    • January 04. 2023

    As 5G Technology develops, more and more devices request high-performance high-frequency PCBs and RF PCBs that need low signal losses and low electrical noise. Rogers PCB materials are cost-effective and perfectly meets the required technological requirements. Rogers PCB is a type of high-frequency board that raw material is produced by Rogers company. It is different from the conventional PCB boa...

  • RT/duroid 6006 High Frequency PCB
    • December 28. 2022

    RT/duroid 6006 High Frequency PCB RT/duroid 6006 high frequency PCBs are ceramic PTFE composites which are designed for electronic and microwave circuit applications requiring a high dielectric constant. RT/duroid 6006 PCB can provide us with hi...

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