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RF PCB Printed Board
RF PCB Printed Board
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  • PCB accelerates its breakthrough, high-end products are highly competitive
    PCB accelerates its breakthrough, high-end products are highly competitive
    • December 02, 2021

    According to Prismark's forecast, the PCB industry is expected to grow at 8.6% in 2021, and it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8% between 2020 and 2025. By 2025, the global PCB industry output value will reach 86.33 billion U.S. dollars. With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies and applications such as 5G communications, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, electric vehicles, etc. continue to emerge, and the demand for PCBs is also growing. It is worth noting that although China is a large manufacturing country and there are many PCB companies, the homogeneity of products is more serious, and it is over-concentrated on low-end PCBs with cost advantages, including traditional single and double-layer boards and multilayer boards; The proportion of high-end PCBs is still relatively low, especially for packaging substrates, high-end HDI boards, and multilayer boards. At present, the market demand for high-end PCB boards has exploded rapidly, but the output of production capacity has increased slowly, resulting in a large gap between market demand and supply. With the continuous improvement and gradual optimization of China's PCB manufacturing technology, the market share of traditional single and double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs has gradually declined, and the market share of high-tech, high value-added PCB boards has continued to rise. Faced with the continuous iteration and update of market demand, many PCB companies have begun to enter the high-end PCB field with higher technical thresholds and greater capital investment. Although some technologies or production capacities are backward, the market competition in the PCB industry is still fierce. The supply of high-end PCB market is still dominated by foreign manufacturers. As domestic PCB peripheral supporting facilities are not perfect, some key PCB materials, high-end equipment, and engineering software are dependent on imports. With the gradual breakthrough of domestic manufacturing technology, the related supply chain will also achieve better growth. Domestic PCB companies will gradually grow up to develop independent innovative technologies and equipment to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the market.

  • The Medical Industry
    The Medical Industry "Out of the Circle", PCB Market Ushered in New Opportunities
    • December 09, 2021

    With the improvement of the living standards of global residents, the enhancement of medical and healthcare awareness and the demand space brought about by the aging of the population, the domestic medical industry equipment products market demand continues to grow, and the development potential is huge. At the same time, under the support of national policies, medical device innovation and technological upgrading are encouraged to open up a green channel for domestic innovative medical devices, promote the development of the domestic medical industry market, break the monopoly of foreign products, and gradually realize the right Replacement of imported equipment. Since entering the 21st century, China's PCB market has developed rapidly, replacing Japan as the world's largest PCB production area. Relying on the advantages of my country's PCB industry agglomeration, PCB manufacturers have made rapid iterations in technological research and development, and continued to expand their production capacity, which has also promoted the development of different PCB industries. Especially with the rapid development of the medical industry in recent years, health has always been the core issue of the people's most concern, and more and more attention is paid to the progress brought by science and technology. High-end sophisticated medical equipment is the basic and guarantee for safety. With the rapid penetration and development of technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, medical motivations have shown a multi-level and diversified trend, which has given birth to the diversified demand for medical device PCBs. The medical application of electronic equipment continues to progress with the development of electronic technology, becoming more efficient and dense, which leads to infinite new possibilities. The development of medical PCB applications is as fast as the medical device industry itself. Some of the most common medical PCB applications include: monitors, scanning technology, control systems, internal equipment, scientific instruments, etc. The core of these medical equipment is PCB. Medical PCBs are often special high-density interconnect PCBs, which will stimulate the growth of high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs in the market. With the development of a new generation of information science and technology, the traditional fixed product model of the medical industry has become a thing of the past, and technological progress has completely changed the industry. Medical equipment products have become "high-demand products" in the medical field. This change is even more obvious in electronic diagnosis, research and treatment systems and tools, and this growth has benefited the PCB industry to a large extent. Wearable PCB medical equipment emerged in the market. The detection and management of health indicators can be used as a technical solution to intervene and assist medical treatment, and it has quickly become a breakthrough in ...

  • PCB Procurement and Supply Chain Huai'an Summit Grand Opening
    PCB Procurement and Supply Chain Huai'an Summit Grand Opening
    • December 09, 2021

    Afternoon of December 9, The PCB Procurement and Supply Chain Huai'an Summit of the 16th Taiwan Business Forum Sub-forum was grandly opened in Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is reported that this summit aims to comprehensively and deeply discuss the practical foundation, characteristic advantages, broad prospects and current industrial innovation under the new situation of "carbon neutrality" and "dual energy consumption control" for the development of the PCB industry chain through the wisdom of the guests. , To plan a new blueprint and describe a new future for the development of Huai'an PCB industry. Wang Xianghong, deputy mayor of Huai'an Municipal People's Government, pointed out: In recent years, Huai’an has insisted on accelerating the development of the electronic information industry as a breakthrough in industrial transformation and upgrading, structural optimization and adjustment, seized the opportunities of industrial transfer in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, deepened exchanges and cooperation between Huai’an and Taiwan, and spared no effort to accelerate the agglomeration of the PCB industry. The development of the information industry provides important support and broad space. We sincerely hope that businessmen from home and abroad will invest in this beautiful land in Huai'an, jointly create a better tomorrow, and share the success of success; we solemnly promise that we will use an open mind, enterprising enthusiasm, and a consistent 101% The service provides a high-quality, efficient, fair and just environment for the investment, business and life development of customers, and joins hands to promote Huai'an electronic information industry to reach new heights. Zhong Feng, director of the Administrative Committee of Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced the development of the economic and technological development zone and the PCB industry. He hopes that through this summit, more people of insight will have a deeper understanding and greater support for the PCB industry in Huai'an; the Economic Development Zone also eagerly hopes that all entrepreneurs and friends will be able to build the PCB industry chain together. The Science Park is the starting point to further strengthen exchanges and close cooperation with the Economic Development Zone, and invest more projects, funds, and talents in the Huai'an Economic Development Zone. The Economic Development Zone will use the strength of the whole district to provide 101% high-quality services for the enterprises in the park, and jointly create a bright and beautiful future for the PCB industry in Huai'an. Chairman Shen Qingfang expressed his greetings to the experts, scholars, and business representatives who came to the summit. He said that Huaian's economy is developing rapidly and has been working hard to adjust and optimize the industrial structure to create a high-quality investment and business environmen...

  • Stock accelerates shipments, PCB Q4 is not short in off-season
    Stock accelerates shipments, PCB Q4 is not short in off-season
    • December 20, 2019

    Printed circuit boards are at their peak in the third quarter. The fourth quarter is expected to be more conservative in the fourth quarter due to long-term and short-term material interference, China’s power curtailment and the off-season of some consumer electronics. There is no significant gap in customer pull power, and performance this season is expected to be better than expected. Manufacturers will perform well in demand and crop power i.n the Chinese New Year next year. The cooling of consumer products is not as severe as expected Originally from September to October, the market expected to become conservative on some electronic products, including NB, panels and non-Apple mobile phones. In addition, the fourth quarter was originally a traditional off-season, so the market originally had a more neutral view of related application vendors. However, it seems that although the Chromebook market is in decline in the NB market, the demand for commercial and gaming notebooks is still good. Manufacturer HannStar said that it is relatively smooth for customers to pull out the goods from previous inventory. Although QoQ will decline in the fourth quarter, the rate will not be high. Large, the legal person is estimated to be about 5% to 6%. Even if the base number in the first quarter of this year is high, the performance of YoY will be flat in the first quarter of next year. Zhichao, the world's largest photovoltaic panel manufacturer, returned to growth in November after a two-month decline in revenue in September and October. Keep away from the curtailment factor At the end of September, there was no warning for power cuts in China. Originally, PCB companies with production bases in China had a more uncertain view of the power supply situation in the fourth quarter. They were worried that power cuts would become the norm and would slightly disrupt production scheduling, so they believed that the fourth quarter Operational challenges are greater, but after mid-October, there is almost unlimited electrical interference, and overall production is back on track. Taiwan County said that November revenue hit a new single-month high. At present, it seems that December can maintain the November high, and after the power curtailment, logistics and other unfavorable factors are lessened, the peak season for new machine demand is delayed, and the overall crop power remains full. The load can reach before the lunar new year, which means that the peak season effect will be maintained in January next year. Inventory speeds up shipment Supporting Q4 operations in the off-season, the main reason is that the customer's long and short material problems are alleviated. The previously suppressed goods can speed up the shipment. Many PCB manufacturers have increased their inventory at the end of the third quarter, that is, due to the shortage of customers in the supply chain. Therefore, the temporary delay of shipments to PCB factories caused high inventory, but aft...

  • The development status of global PCB industry segmented products
    The development status of global PCB industry segmented products
    • December 30, 2021

    The development status of global PCB industry segmented products "With the accelerated investment and expansion of China's fabs and the advancement of the independent and controllable national strategy of the semiconductor industry, the domestic demand for IC substrates will grow rapidly. It is expected that the growth rate of my country's IC substrate output will be significantly higher than the international level in the future. According to the data It shows that the total operating income of my country's IC substrate industry in 2020 is about 4.035 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.07%." According to the information released by the research report network, PCBs are mainly divided into hard boards (including single-layer boards, double-layer boards and multi-layer boards), HDI boards, IC substrates , flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, materials and functions And application areas are different. In recent years, with the continuous development of industries such as smart terminals, smart wearable devices, 5G and cloud computing, the market demand for flexible boards and rigid-flex boards, HDI boards, and IC substrates has continued to grow. In terms of subdivided product structure, ordinary multi-layer boards accounted for 44.77% of the PCB industry market share, HDI boards accounted for 21.23% of the market share, and flexible boards accounted for 22.62% of the PCB industry market share. IC-Substrate According to the information released by the Guanyan Report Network, IC-Substrates are developed based on HDI boards. They have the characteristics of high density, high performance, and thinness. They are an upgrade to traditional integrated circuit packaging lead frames and are used in various chip packaging links. . In recent years, as the integrated circuit industry continues to approach the direction of small size and high integration, IC packaging has also developed in the direction of ultra-multi-pin, ultra-miniaturization and narrow pitch. According to relevant data, the global IC substrate output value will reach 10.188 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, mainly due to the rapid growth of global integrated circuit sales in 2020. In the context of the rapid growth of downstream industries, the demand for IC substrates has increased substantially. In the Chinese market, with the accelerated investment and expansion of Chinese fabs and the advancement of the independent and controllable national strategy of the semiconductor industry, domestic demand for IC substrates will grow rapidly. It is expected that the growth rate of my country’s IC substrate output will be significantly higher than the international level in the future . According to data, the total operating income of my country's IC substrate industry in 2020 will be approximately 4.035 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.07%. Rigid Board Rigid boards can be divided into single-layer boards, double-layer boards and multi-layer boards. Single-layer boards are the most ba...

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