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Hybrid PCB
Home PCB Prototype Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB 2 Layer 20mil 0.508mm DK3.0 PCB

Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB 2 Layer 20mil 0.508mm DK3.0 PCB

Rogers RO4730G3 antenna grade laminates are reliable, low-cost alternative to the conventional PTFE-based laminates. It has the mechanical and electrical properties that antenna designers need.

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Rogers RO4730G3 High Frequency PCB 2-Layer Rogers 4730 20mil 0.508mm Printed Circuit Board DK3.0 DF 0.0028 Microwave PCB

The RO4730G3 materials have a dielectric constant of 3.0 and a loss tangent of 0.0022 measured at 2.5 GHz when using LoPro Reverse Treated EDC foil. These values allow antenna designers to realize substantial gain values while minimizing signal loss. Materials are available with demonstrated low PIM performance, with values better than -160dBc.

20mil RO4730G3 PCB

RO4730G3 materials are compatible with conventional epoxy and high temperature lead-free solder processing. It does not require the special treatment needed on traditional PTFE-based laminates for plated through holes preparation. Multi-layer can be achieved using RO4450F bondply at 175℃. The resin systems of RO4730G3 are designed to provide the properties sought after by antenna designers. The glass transition temperature exceeds 280oC, leading to a low Z-axis CTE, excellent plated through holes reliability, and lead free solder processability.


Typical application is cellular base station antennas.

General description

This is a type of double sided RF PCB built on 0.508mm (20mil) RO4730G3 for the application of Cellular Base Station Antenna PCB.

Basic specifications:

Base material: RO4730G3 20mil (0.508mm)

Dielectric constant: 3.0+/-0.5

Layer count: 2 layers

Type: Through holes

Format: 110mm x 50mm = 1 type = 1 piece

Surface finish: Immersion gold

Copper weight: Outer layer 35 μm

Solder mask | Legend: Green | White

Final PCB height: 0.60 mm

Standard: IPC 6012 Class 2

Packing: 20 pieces are packed for shipment.

Lead time: 7 working days

Shelf life: 6 months

Data Sheet of Rogers 4730 (RO4730G3): 

 RO4730G3 Typical Value
Property RO4730G3 Direction Units Condition Test Method
Dielectric Constant,εProcess 3.0±0.5 Z 10 GHz 23℃ IPC-TM-650
Dielectric Constant,εDesign 2.98 Z 1.7 GHz to 5 GHz Differential Phase Length Method
Dissipation Factor,tanδ 0.0028 Z 10 GHz 23℃ IPC-TM-650
2.5 GHz
Thermal Coefficient of ε +34 Z ppm/℃ -50℃to 150℃ IPC-TM-650
Dimensional Stability <0.4 X, Y mm/m after etech +E2/150℃ IPC-TM-650 2.4.39A
Volume Resistivity (0.030") 9 X 107 MΩ.cm COND A IPC-TM-650
Surface Resistivity (0.030") 7.2 X 105 COND A IPC-TM-650
PIM -165 dBc 50 ohm 0.060" 43 dBm 1900 MHz
Electrical Strength (0.030") 730 Z V/mil IPC-TM-650
Flexural Strength  MD 181 (26.3) Mpa (kpsi) RT ASTM D790
                             CMD 139 (20.2)
Moisure Absorption 0.093 - % 48/50 IPC-TM-650 ASTM D570
Thermal Conductivity 0.45 Z W/mK 50℃ ASTM D5470
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
ppm/℃ -50℃to 288℃ IPC-TM-650
Tg >280 IPC-TM-650 2.4.24
Td 411 ASTM D3850
Density 1.58 gm/cm3 ASTM D792
Copper Peel Stength 4.1 pli 1oz,LoPro EDC IPC-TM-650 2.4.8
Flammability V-0 UL 94
Lead-free Process Compatible Yes





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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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