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Hybrid PCB
Hybrid PCB
Home HDI PCB Board Hybrid High Frequency 6-layer PCB 10mil RO4350B and FR-4 Blind Via

Hybrid High Frequency 6-layer PCB 10mil RO4350B and FR-4 Blind Via

This type is more complex. The 10mil RO4350B core is the same. The main difference is that it contains 3 types blind via.

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RF Hybrid High Frequency 6-layer PCB Built On 10mil 0.254mm RO4350B and FR-4 with Blind Via

(Printed circuit boards are custom-made products, the picture and parameters shown are just for reference)

stack up 6L 10mil RO4350B+FR4

It’s for the application of radar antenna. Two cores of RO4350B on top side and bottom side, plated through holes connect each layer. Viewing from the stack-up, each dielectric material is more than 0.2mmm thick which result in whole PCB thickness to 1.9mm thick. Pads and holes are immersion gold plated. They're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 panels are packed for shipment.

10mil RO4350B+FR4 PCB

Let’s see second one.

 6L 10mil RO4350B+FR4 pcb

This type is more complex than the first one. The 10mil RO4350B core is the same. The main difference is that it contains 3 types blind via. 

The specifications are as follows:

Base material: RO4350B 10mil + FR4

Layer count: 6 layers

Type: Blind via L1-L2, L1-L3, L1-L4

Format: 82mm x 95mm = 1 type = 1 piece

Surface finish: Immersion gold

Copper weight: Outer layer 35 μm/ Inner layer 35 μm

Solder mask / Legend: No

Final PCB height: 1.4 mm

Standard: IPC 6012 Class 2

Packing: 20 panels are packed for shipment.

Lead time: 20 working days

Shelf life: 6 months

There’s a very similar products whose inner-layers are using half ounce copper. Finished PCB thickness is 1.0mm.

Following is the stack-up and microsecton:

RO4350B+FR4 pcb


There’re many advantages of RO4350B hybrid PCBs.

1) Signal integrity performance improved over the stack-ups with all FR4 board;

2) Cost reduced over stack-ups with all low loss material;

3) Engineering design prevents problems from occurring in pre-production;

4) ISO9000, ISO14001, IATF16949, UL Certified factory

5) IPC Class 2 / IPC Class 3;

The applications are wide, listed below: Radar data acquisition converter, miscrostrip antenna, tower-mounted booster, modular oscilloscope, attenuator and 5G antenna etc.

Appendix: PCB Data Sheet:

PCB SIZE 75 x 110mm=1PCS
Number of Layers 6 Layers
Surface Mount Components YES
Through Hole Components No
LAYER STACKUP Copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate TOP layer
Dielectric RO4350B 0.254mm (10 mil)
Copper ------- 35um(1oz)
PP+FR4+PP 0.695mm
Copper ------ 35um (1oz)
FR-4 0.25mm
Copper ------ 35um (1oz)
PP 0.21mm
Copper ------35um (1oz) 
Dielectric RO4350B 0.254mm (10 mil)
Copper ------- 35um(1 oz)+plate BOT layer
Minimum Trace and Space: 4 mil / 5 mil
Minimum / Maximum Holes: 0.3 mm / 2.0 mm
Number of Different Holes: 12
Number of Drill Holes: 167
Number of Milled Slots: 0
Number of Internal Cutouts: 3
Impedance Control: no
Number of Gold finger: 0
Glass Epoxy:  RO4350B Tg280℃, er<3.48, Rogers Corp. FR-4 IT158
Final foil external:  1.5 oz
Final foil internal:  1 oz
Final height of PCB:  1.8 mm ±0.18mm
Surface Finish Immersion gold
Solder Mask Apply To:  TOP, 12micron Minimum
Solder Mask Color:  Green, PRS-2000GT600D, Taiyo Supplied.
Solder Mask Type: LPSM
Side of Component Legend TOP
Colour of Component Legend White, IJR-4000 MW300, Taiyo brand
Manufacturer Name or Logo:  Marked on the board in a conductor and leged FREE AREA
VIA Plated through hole(PTH), minimum size 0.3mm. Blind via L1-L2, L3-L6
Outline dimension:   0.0059"
Board plating: 0.0029"
Drill tolerance:  0.002"
TEST 100% Electrical Test prior shipment
TYPE OF ARTWORK TO BE SUPPLIED email file, Gerber RS-274-X, PCBDOC etc
SERVICE AREA Worldwide, Globally.





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Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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